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Aries -Irresistible Attraction -Hard To Figure -Lies Can Kill
Taurus -Floater -Impersonal -Chill Out
Gemini -Fulfill -Satisfaction -Soulmate
Cancer -Lots Fun -Emotionally Stressing -Waft Away
Leo -Wild &Witty -Share The Power -Boom To Bust
Virgo -Hot Passion -Shocking & Suspicious -Get Rid Of
Libra -Giggly Love -Romance & Care -Could Last
Scorpio -Magical Passion -Break Free Fast -Kiss & Be Gone
Sagittarius -Stupendous Passion -Good Friend/Good Times -Not Sure On/Off
Capricorn -A Real Come On -Impulsive -Can Last If…
Aquarius -Passion & Mystery -Unpredictable -Great Match
Pisces -Lures Passion -Self Pity -Too Clingy, Bye Bye