Aquarius Characteristic¬†Behavior: Altruistic, Just ** Vague, Two Faced   DATES: 20 Jan-19 Feb. LUCKY NUMBER: Ten SYMBOL: Water Carrier BEST DAY: Saturday COLOR: Turquoise LUCKY TIME: Daytime METAL: Uranium & Aluminum SEASON: Winter FLOWER: Apple Blossom CRYSTAL: Turquoise Kyanite TREE: Cherry FORTITUDE: Friend Of Humanity ANIMAL: Large Far Flying Birds CHALLENGE: Liberation Of Self Aquarius Characteristics PREFERRED SAYING: “I Know….” THE GLYPH:¬†They Resembles radio waves. As something transmitted by air, not by water. MINERAL: Sodium – Which maintains water balance in your body and prevents swelling. Water retention, and diarrhea. It is found in spinach, celery, apples, radishes, lemons
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