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Aries -Wicked Romance -Restless Desires -Too Busy
Taurus -Giggly Romance -Quivering Coerces -Strong Contender
Gemini -Dazzling -Short Term -Leave it Alone
Cancer -Tender Pairing -Perfect Playmate -Patchable
Leo -Explode In Passion -Lusty Horizon -Quick Yes
Virgo -Love Light Ablaze -Tender -Loyal
Libra -Pure Pleasure -Fluctuate -Beyond
Scorpio -Perfect Romantic -Soulmates -Yours Alone
Sagittarius -Explosive Passion -Short Lived -Don’t Know If
Capricorn -Easy to Heat Up -But…If… -Don’t Have Time
Aquarius -Sparkling Romance -Lots Laughs -Waft Away
Pisces -Scorching Passion -Awesome Rapport -Long Haul