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Aries -Arouses Passion -Reckless -Lies can Kill
Taurus -Floater -Impersonal -Chill Out
Gemini -Lights Fires -Squabbles -Empty Words
Cancer -Blissful Passion -But If… -Improbable
Leo -Exciting Romance -Brings Best of You -Take A Try
Virgo -Blissful -Romance Stays -Warm & Tender Avoid Conflict
Libra -Charming -Good Friend -Write Off
Scorpio -Red Hot Romance -Work Put Jinx -Dynamite
Sagittarius -Wild Passion -Slick Wit -Fairy Tale
Capricorn -Bliss Intimacy -Contentment -Reliable
Aquarius -Care & Affection -Too Positive -Quirky No
Pisces -Master Lover -Can’t Have Enough -Reckless