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Aries -Solid Gold Passion -Five Star Fun -Perfect Mate
Taurus -Lusty -Wild Fling -Avoid If You Can
Gemini -Sizzling Hot -Share The Limelight -Worth Trying
Cancer -Explosive Passion -Too Sticky -Don’t Know…If
Leo -Soulmate -Love & Passion -Lasting Love
Virgo -Tones of Fun -Friends Yes -Farewell.
Libra -Slow Seductive -Fulfill Grooves -Enjoy
Scorpio -Showstopping Passion -Demanding -Fun & Friends Only
Sagittarius -Passion & Lust -Fireballs -May Tag Along
Capricorn -Joy of Passion -Try Compromise -Desist
Aquarius -Best Chums -Passion Second -It Can Work
Pisces -Rarefied Passion -Too Possessive -Not Suitable