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Aries -Sizzling Passion -Power Struggle -Hard To Survive
Taurus -Love At Once -Mystery -Doubtful
Gemini -Spicy When Hot -Doubtful…Yes -Losing Love Game
Cancer -Soulmate -Fulfill Desires -Passion & Caring
Leo -Explosive Intimacy -Conflicts of Power -Disappointment
Virgo -Secret Passion Mind & Soul -Clever -Could Be…
Libra -Charming Passion -Afraid To Stick -No Way
Scorpio -Fiercely Focussed -Intense -Up & Down Affair
Sagittarius -Lots of Thrill -Fun & Friends -A Fling
Capricorn -Charismatic -Magical Spell -Work Put Jinx
Aquarius -Explosive Passion -Can’t Stop -Non-Negotiable
Pisces -Blissful -Devotion -Fascinating