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Aries -Roller Coaster -Disappointment -Chitchat & Leave
Taurus -Passion & Love -Care & Share -Soulmates
Gemini -Steamy When Hot -Integrity -Turn Off
Cancer -Thriving Intimacy -Criticism -Disapproval
Leo -Fiery & Hot To Start -Good Friends -Diversion
Virgo -Excellent Start -Virtue Personified -Take Time
Libra -Looking for Love -Make Sweet Music -Let It Wander
Scorpio -Mind & Soul -Stimulating -Could be…
Sagittarius -Wild Side -Lots of Fun -Not Enough…
Capricorn -Soulmates -Spice Up -Love Ablaze Forever
Aquarius -Romantic Duo -Too Airy -Too Much…
Pisces -Sensual & Erotic -Opposites Attract -Don’t Chain Pisces