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World Class Pschyic

Yogi is a World Class supernatural gifted psychic, Astrologer & spiritual healer who as a child saw and experienced what others did not. He began using naturally gifted psychic abilities professionally from early childhood. His gifted soul entered this world on Feb 1, 1956, in the holy and sacred land of India., Strictly trained in ancient wisdom and up to date scientific education and technology give him the insightful for better understanding and timeless wisdom.

Markham Economist and Sun

Yogi shares openly secrets of self-knowledge. He offers a unique opportunity to explore your existence, to know yourself, to love and celebrate your life. Being with him you will feel gratitude for graceful fluid, visionary insight.

Yogi have written hundreds and thousands of articles, blogs and privilege to raise money for poor and charities. He has provided consultations for people form over 175+ countries, including celebs from arts, movies, sports and technology and from different walks of life.

Yogi is available for businesses, conventions and personal consultation by appointment only.

Yogi can combine the following services in a unique and customized reading specific to your needs:

  • Spirit Messages Astrology Phrenology
  • Past Life Regression
  • Dream interpretation
  • Psychometry Auras Past Life Recall Clairvoyance Palmistry Numerology Chakra
  • Compatibility charts

Email :

Head office

2672 Islington Ave, Toronto, M9V 2X5



Soul matesRomance
Earth (Real Estate)Extramarital affairs
GuidanceAn affair of the heart,



KamaPhysical attraction
Shringara Intimacy
Atma-PremaUnconditional self-love
  • 45 minutes for $200. There’s a lot to discuss in an initial consultation, so this is the option recommended for first-time clients. In this session, we’ll cover the client’s major life challenges in love, money, marriage, job, business, crises, karmic cycle strengths, and weaknesses. In-depth discussions relationships with others, career and other topics of interest.
  • 30 minutes for $125. The half-an-hour consultation is typically for follow-up sessions,  as required to re-assess relationships, career, etc, and resolve miscellaneous questions. It is also available to first-time clients on a budget, or for clients who’ve already had a first-time session.
  • 10-minutes for $49. The ten minute consultation is for repeat customers only, typically available to discuss single subjects, or resolve a specific question.
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  • WE ARE OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Need Consultation 2672 Islington Ave, Toronto