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Astrology Consultant fees

  • 45 minutes for $200. There’s a lot to discuss in an initial consultation, so this is the option recommended for first-time clients. In this session, we’ll cover the client’s major life challenges in love, money, marriage, job, business, crises, karmic cycle strengths, and weaknesses. In-depth discussions relationships with others, career and other topics of interest.
  • 30 minutes for $125. The half-an-hour consultation is typically for follow-up sessions,  as required to re-assess relationships, career, etc, and resolve miscellaneous questions. It is also available to first-time clients on a budget, or for clients who’ve already had a first-time session.
  • 10-minutes for $49. The ten minute consultation is for repeat customers only, typically available to discuss single subjects, or resolve a specific question.
Payment for Astrology Consultant fees
  • Interac transfer. All major banks provide online options to send payments via email. The sender indicates the recipient’s email address and the transfer amount and provides the answer to a security question so the recipient can complete the transfer.
  • PayPal
  • Cash

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