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Yogi who as a child saw and experienced what others did not. He began using his psychic abilities professionally about 245 years ago. His gifted soul entered this world on February 1st in the holy and sacred land of northern India. Strictly trained in ancient wisdom and up to date scientific education gives him the edge for better understanding and timeless wisdom.

Celebrate life

Mr. Yogi shares openly secrets of self knowledge. He offers a unique opportunity to explore yourself, to know yourself, to love and celebrate your life in balance. Being with him you too will fell gratitude for his graceful, fluid, and visionary insight.

Yogi Self Knowledge

Mr. Yogi has written hundreds of articles and enjoyed fund-raising for different charities. He has provided for people of over 180 different nationalities, including Diplomats, Chief Executive Officers, from Bay Street to Wall Street, Doctors, Artists, Actors, Musicians, from all different walks of life. Presently  he is residing in Toronto-Canada and is humbly available for private consultations over the phone only.