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Aries Characteristic Behavior: Independent, Dynamic ** Arrogant, Hasty

DATES: 21 Mar – 20 Apr. LUCKY NUMBER: Nine
METAL: Zinc SEASON: Winter
FLOWER: Iris CRYSTAL: Rhobonite, Purple garnet
TREE: Weeping Willow FORTITUDE: Deeply Intuitive
ANIMAL: Sea Mammals & All Fish CHALLENGE: Living Truthfully

PREFERRED SAYING: “I am the most…”

THE GLYPH: The horn of the Ram. The “butting” action in which the Ram chases “head fist” typical.

Avoid: The flare of fiery anger.

MINERAL: Potassium – Which prevents migraines, headaches, and nervous breakdowns. It can be found in celery, lemons, beetroots, and tomatoes.

GEMSTONE: Diamond has been a token of love, it’s purity and durability symbolize the qualities that true love is. It remains the most coveted and desirable of all known jewels.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: The first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the sun’s journey, the awesome raw, primitive energy of explorer, initiates new ideas and passion. Being assertive with a strong will can be rebellious. Arians “think on their feet” and react well under stress and in confrontations. The egocentric Aries can be impudent, boastful, and impulsive.

RULING PLANET: Mars: Roman god of war is seen as a vital, strong, masculine force equipped with a spear, shield, and plumed helmet. It also represents physical power, passion, and giving strong sensual feelings. Mars, roman god of wars and agriculture is blood red and was in love with Venus.


Distance from the Sun: 227,995,300 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 687 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 25 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 24 Km per second
Diameter: 49,491 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS: Arians are most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Arians are ardent, can make possessive, jealous, partners who require crystal clear understanding. Leo could harness and stabilize with warm hearted for impulsive Aries. Both have forceful sensuality associated with the fire sign. Sagittarius could bring bonhomie, optimism and intellectual with Aries who should be fully prepared to allow freedom loving.

IF SHE IS ARIES: You’re hot as a firecracker, assertive and adventurous. Variety and change can be replaced with creativity, otherwise you could be on a roller coaster ride.

IF HE IS ARES: Physically attuned, sweet, and kind to fulfill your innermost desires. Big spender, could be a non reformer.

UNDESIRABLE ARIES: Pushy, aggressive Aries tries to rush off against the wishes of others want their way. It may sound crude, but many a Ram allows their genitals to control them. They are reckless, arrogant, impatient, and domineering.

CAREERS: Which represents a lot of challenge will appeal the most where high energy and initiation. Also given the incisive Arian is a writer or satire, self employed, entrepreneur, architect, athlete, dentist, carpenter, executive..

HEALTH: An Arians complaints can be brain fever due to stress, overwork, neurological and eye trouble. Arians should guard against conditions associated with the brain, jaws, face, and carterial arteries.


Aries -Passionate
Taurus -Thrill
-Don’t Rush
Gemini -Magical
-Reckless Romance
Cancer -Restless
-Secret & Steamy
Leo -Soulmate
Virgo -Careful
-Slow (Step by Step)
Libra -Springy
-Slow Love
-Slow Romance
Scorpio -Hot To Trot
-No Fun
Sagittarius -Quixotic
-Can Work
Capricorn -Reckless
-Arouse Passion
-Passion Burnout
Aquarius -Hard To Read Heart Throb
-Lies Can Kill
Pisces -Illusionary
-Toss Back
-Fantasy World