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Cancer Characteristic Behavior: Sympathetic, Sensitive ** Manipulative, Touchy

DATES: 22 June – 23 July LUCKY NUMBER: Two
SYMBOL: The Crab BEST DAY: Monday
COLOUR: White SEASON: Summer
METAL: Silverr
FLOWER: White Lilly CRYSTAL: Malachite, Moonstone
TREE: All in Sap FORTITUDE: Devoted to Home
ANIMAL: Crab CHALLENGE: o Take Action


THE GLYPH:Resembles the claws of a crab.

MINERAL: Calcium – Which can prevent problems with the eyes, stomach, and skin. It is found in oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, and cabbage.

GEMSTONE: Moonstone & Pearl are traditionally associated with the moon.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:The fourth sign of the zodiac requires emotional security maternal, nurturing instincts. Thrifty and methodical, Cancerians are natural “collectors” and show great tenacity and perseverance. Setting and achieving goals with strong determination devoted to their home and family, they are affectionate, kind, loyal, and humorous. They intend to cling to failing relationships where others would abandon them. Due to the fluctuating phase of their ruling planet, Cancerians can become exaggerated with hypersensitivity, sentimentalism, and self pity.

RULING PLANET: The Moon, is the motherhood incarnate, as the sun symbolizes the father. Worshipped as a goddess and enchantress, her phases were sighted as: New moo, the white goddess of birth and growth, at full moon the red goddess of love, passion and war. When old she was the black goddess of divination and death. The moons ever-changing phases are echoed by tides and in human life by feminine rhythms.

RELATIONSHIPS: Cautious, calculating, intensely emotional Scorpio could be a perfect match for Cancer’s commitment to the home and family, and the ideal parent. Mystic Pisces may very well be content with a kind, sympathetic, sensitive, warm, and romantic Canercian.

IF SHE IS CANCER:Being the daughter of the moon, stay away from air signs like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Your love style is gentile but possessive which can scare off a good potential partner.

IF HE IS CANCER: Most importantly, this man can get hurt, sometimes over nothing. He needs lots of reassurances and is extremely emotional. He also can be jealous and pouty.

UNDESIRABLE GEMINI: Possesses the uncanny ability to make you feel guilty. Cancer can be moody, jealous, manipulative, and resentful.

CAREERS: Resilient and tenacity are the key traits. Crabs like to snatch anything they want for keeps. The most appealing careers could be, caretaker, hotel manager, teacher, social worker or a sailor.

HEALTH: Fluid retention, the digestive system, and liver can be problematic but proper exercise and diet can counter balance this.



Aries -Wicked Romance
-Restless Desires
-Too Busy
Taurus -Giggly Romance
-Quivering Coerces
-Strong Contender
Gemini -Dazzling
-Short Term
-Leave it Alone
Cancer -Tender Pairing
-Perfect Playmate
Leo -Explode In Passion
-Lusty Horizon
-Quick Yes
Virgo -Love Light Ablaze
Libra -Pure Pleasure
Scorpio -Perfect Romantic
-Yours Alone
Sagittarius -Explosive Passion
-Short Lived
-Don’t Know If
Capricorn -Easy to Heat Up
-Don’t Have Time
Aquarius -Sparkling Romance
-Lots Laughs
-Waft Away
Pisces -Scorching Passion
-Awesome Rapport
-Long Haul