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Capricorn Characteristic Behavior: Responsible, Economical ** Inhibited, Mean

DATES: 22 Dec. – 20 Jan LUCKY NUMBER: Eight
SYMBOL: Goat BEST DAY: Saturday
COLOUR: Dark Grey SEASON: Beginning of Winter
METAL: Lead CRYSTAL: Smoken Hematite
FLOWER: Yellow Rose FORTITUDE: Model of Wisdom
TREE: Elm CHALLENGE: Attain More
ANIMAL: Goat, Fish


THE GLYPH:Looks somewhat like a goats horns with the tail of a fish.

AVOID:Worst fault is mistrust, emotionally icy.

MINERAL:Calcium – Which can prevent problems with the eyes, stomach, and skin. It is found in oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, and cabbage.

GEMSTONE: Garnet: treasured throughout the times and exceptionally admired by the Victorians, is said to be the effective in curing depression.Garnet: treasured throughout the times and exceptionally admired by the Victorians, is said to be the effective in curing depression.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:A diligent, ambitious, thrifty, and self disciplined Capricorn possesses endurance, patience, perseverance, wisdom, stability, and success through deception. Fire of power inside, you are a tactful, authoritative and impulsive individual with laconic. Success, status and lasting relationships are your objects by observing and learning from mistakes.

RULING PLANET:Saturn: Bringing age, wisdom, responsibility, and self discipline. Saturn can be a rough and hard taskmaker. In medieval astrology, Saturn was the ruler of Aquarius and known as the agricultural god. Carries the sickle as a tool of his labour. Also Saturn is the leader of the first gods, being the second largest planet, but it is very lightweight.


Distance from the Sun: 1,424,769,500 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 30 years
Approx. Length of Day: 10 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 10 Km per second
Diameter: 119,980 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS: Cautious careful Capricorn is most compatible, with flirty Virgo, a fault finder is flawless with you. Passion may be at a slow pace, but rewarding and earth shattering! Patient Taurus relaxes you with the security on their minds, albeit warmth and humor in their respective souls is definitely a winning combination. Skip children like Aries, shallow Gemini, carefree Sagittarius, flighty Libra, freedom love Aquarius, and feckless Pisces find difficult to appreciate.

IF SHE IS CAPRICORN:She would have high expectations and easily fit in wit elite members of society. Your partner has to be someone whom you could be proud of to introduce to others.

IF HE IS CAPRICORN:A man in a position of romance can be loyal, reliable, ambitious and a conscientious person. On the flip side he can be emotionally icy, inhibited, and controlling.

UNDESIRABLE CAPRICORN:Emotionally icy and controlling Capricorn is calculating, inhibited, secretive, and loves to use other people for their own convenience. Unsympathetic Capricorn is also materialistic.

CAREERS:You are the asset of every organization you are involved with because you are practical, reliable, and dedicated. This is the sign of politicians, administrators, powerful people, and officers. You will excel at being a judge, banker, financier, producer, builder, or surgeon.

HEALTH:Eczema and psoriasis prevail both known to be stress related. The skin may also be potentially troublesome.

Compatibility Chart

Aries -Arouses Passion
-Lies can Kill
Taurus -Floater
-Chill Out
Gemini -Lights Fires
-Empty Words
Cancer -Blissful Passion
-But If…
Leo -Exciting Romance
-Brings Best of You
-Take A Try
Virgo -Blissful
-Romance Stays
-Warm & Tender Avoid Conflict
Libra -Charming
-Good Friend
-Write Off
Scorpio -Red Hot Romance
-Work Put Jinx
Sagittarius -Wild Passion
-Slick Wit
-Fairy Tale
Capricorn -Bliss Intimacy
Aquarius -Care & Affection
-Too Positive
-Quirky No
Pisces -Master Lover
-Can’t Have Enough