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Deja, deja vu and deja entendu are all french words meaning the feeling of familiarity. It is an experience when one feels that the present moment in all its exact detail, has been lived before. Deja entendu is the feeling that what is now being heard for the first time, has been heard before. According to the modern sciences it is a momentary alternation of consciousness, caused by a minor seizure of the temporal lobe in the brain.

Deja vu in itself is a truth, because no one is here for the first time; existence moves in a cycle, not horizontally or vertically. All that you have experienced and are experiencing now, you have experienced many times before; it cannot be new. It is like a rotating wheel of days and night. It is so approximately alike that it is very difficult to make a distinction — hence, deja vu. You again witness the clouds floating in the sky and the sun and the flowers and the bees. The sun has come again with all its warmth … and you have experienced these sunny days many many times before. So somewhere deep in your unconscious you are carrying all the memorise of all the past lives. It is very possible that again and again you will come to situations which are alike and suddenly you feel as if it has happened before.

Deja vu happens to everybody but how strong it could be, varies on the strength, on what type of barrier exists between this life and the past lives. If it is a Mount Everest barrier, very high, it can be very difficult to cross over. And if they cross, they are not very clear.

It can be very scary or weird because when you go into it, you can start feeling as if you are in a dream. You can start feeling as if you are living in a fantasy, not reality. … As it those event or voices around here are not there; may be it is just a memory, it can be scary too, it be frightening too; but it all depends upon your interpretation and understanding of it.