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Leo Characteristic Behavior: Self Assured ** Generous, Pompous

DATES: 23 July – 23 Aug LUCKY NUMBER: One
SYMBOL: The Lion BEST DAY: Sunday
COLOUR: White SEASON: Orange
FLOWER: Sunflower CRYSTAL: Amber, Synstone
TREE: Laurel FORTITUDE: Natural Born Leader
ANIMAL: Lion CHALLENGE: o Take Action


THE GLYPH:Resembles the lion’s tail.

MINERAL:Magnesium: it avoids disorders of the brain and Lungs. It is found in lemons, lettuce, oatmeal, wheat germ and beet leaves.

GEMSTONE: Ruby – considered the vehicle of creative energy, usually purplish red, resembling “pigeons Blood”. Considered the most magical stone, it is believed to be an antidote to poison.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:You’re the fifth sign of the zodiac, regal charismatic, and a natural born leader with dignity and divinity, your fulfillment comes from acknowledgment appreciation, and acceptance from others. You are undoubtedly the proudest of signs and you love being the very best. Your megawatt magnetic power commands respect, and a successful appearance. You are bold courteous, open minded, optimistic, stout hearted, often showing a great strength of character. Leos are loyal, generous, gentile, and affectionate. When you don’t get “the lions share” of appreciation or have to take second place, you intend to behave with arrogance, profligacy, and pompous.

RULING PLANET:The Sun, associated with the heart, fatherhood, and creativity, Leo’s ruler has been worshipped as the source of our being. Traversing the zodiac and spending approximately one moth in each sign, the Sun’s mystical number is one and it gives it’s name to Sunday, the first day of the week. Energizing and fortifying, the Sun is the masculine principle in everyone’s make-up.

RELATIONSHIPS: Warm blooded lions and lionesses are most comfortable with two fire signs. The fiery ram and the frisky archer. Freedom loving Sagittarius could add an extrovert vigor to life with Leo since both have sporting and athletic inclinations. Self assertive Aries regains to Leo’s somewhat splendid sense of self, could ignite a passionate flame and bring a headstrong exuberance to a possible long term lasting relationship.

IF SHE IS LEO:You are a warm hearted affable woman, who attracts many admirers. Generosity, affection and your attitude appeals to most men. But you need to share together being in the limelight.

IF HE IS LEO:Fulfill his desires and dreams about affection, sensuality, and acceptance. He can be a real pussycat instead of a rampaging lion. On the flip side he can be a royal pain in the rear end, a real tyrant.

UNDESIRABLE LEO:This domineering despot is selfish, stubborn and seeks to remain in the limelight.

CAREERS:The Sun supreme creative force brings to Leo creativity, a love of drama, pomp and pageantry. Far from the sky you possess a knack of attraction, and attention since you have high aspirations you could be an actor, producer, impressionist, dramatist, politician, musician, or a shrewd businessperson.

HEALTH:Your physical health tends to be strong, but you must protect your heart and spine from stress. Avoid fattening foods. For sensible precaution keep track of your cholesterol and blood pressure.


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