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Libra Characteristic Behavior: Refined, Diplomatic ** Apathetic, Fickle

DATES: 23 Sept. – 23 Oct. LUCKY NUMBER: Three
SYMBOL: The Scales BEST DAY: Friday
COLOUR: Yellow SEASON: Autumn
METAL: Copper
FLOWER: Violet CRYSTAL: Pink Tourmaline, Celestine
TREE: Ash FORTITUDE: Communication, Diplomacy
ANIMAL: Lizards CHALLENGE: To Seek Harmony

THE GLYPH:Reminiscent of the old “milkmaids yolk”, that went over the shoulders and balanced a pail on each side.

AVOID:Contentious streaks of stubbornness.

MINERAL:Sodium – Which maintains water balance in your body and prevents swelling, water retention, and diarrhea. It is found In spinach, celery, apples, radishes, lemons and strawberries.


PERSONALITY TRAITS:Obliged to balance those internal scales of yours, you are fair minded with a highly developed sense of justice. You are intelligent, a clean thinker, loyal, truthful, considerate, courteous, and enjoy communication and companionship with your fellows. Libras are consummate diplomats using their tact and mediate desires for the utmost love and peace. Libra is the sign of justice, diplomacy and the arts. You are very sociable and diplomatic. Libra loves romantic vacationing which has to be splendid luxurious, and ostentatious in decor. Libra I also subject to becoming self pitying and disillusioned by the natural disharmony of life.

RULING PLANET:Venus: the goddess of love and beauty, signifies beauty, sensuality, love of art, food and wine, warmth and affection. Venus brings a love of luxuries and possessions of beautiful things. Venus governs the period of adolescence when a person begins to attract and becomes attracted to. Venus our closest neighbor is also the ruler of Taurus.


Distance from the Sun: 108,124,800 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 225 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 243 Days
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 35 Km per second
Diameter: 12,098 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS:Charming Libra is agreeably affectionate with a strong desire to communicate intelligently with the twins and cool Aquarius. To fulfill your craving for communication, Aquarians can be faithful, fair-minded partners, linking all air signs. Partners should encourage positively and indecisiveness.

IF SHE IS LIBRA:You love to be loved. You enjoy yapping and gossiping most of the time with someone very special. You are the easy in the whole zodiac. Seeking heaven of harmony.

IF HE IS LIBRA:A kind soul, sensitive and reasonable, seeks approval and affection all the time. He is the perfect host and a delightful companion. When Libra can be lazy timid and indecisive.

UNDESIRABLE LIBRA:Lazy Libra can be timid, indecisive, and superficial in a relationship with you. Librans are known to be moody, aloof, and extravagant.

CAREERS:You have more talent charisma and creativity than you believe in yourself. You often experience a high degree of success because of their inherent creativity. Our extraordinary eye for exactitude and beauty suit you to mathematics, architecture, engineering, artist, diplomat, model, judge, actor, and writer

HEALTH:In Libra’s well balanced tenor of life health is generally good. The kidney, loins, lumbar regions and urinary system are ruled by Libra and problems concerning these regions prevail.


Aries -Feverishly Passionate
-Slow Lane
Taurus -Pleasurable Encounter
-Fence You In
-A Bad Bet
Gemini -Soulmate
Cancer -Fantasy World
Leo -Fiery Passion
-Not Gentile Enough
Virgo -Warm & Gentile
-Rather Be Alone
Libra -Fulfilling
-Takes Long Time
-East Forever
Scorpio -Steamy Passion
-Funky, Moody
Sagittarius -Slow Start
-Lifetime Partner
Capricorn -Fun Times
-Good Friends
Aquarius -Soulmates
-Lasting Love
Pisces -Soulful Kissing
-Can’t Fulfill
-Let it Pass