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Out-of-body is a very common phenomena in Eastern culture. There are hundreds of ways to create this. They do yoga, mediation, fasting, etc. Just to realize that they are not only physical body. Once it is experienced then you live in the body again but the vision has changed, the perspective is different.
No need to be scarred of afraid. Never stick to past experiences and always remain open and ready to experiences you have never had before. Who knows, even though it may prove useless, it will be an experience for you.

It is the basic scientific attitude; if you can decide that something is false, you are coming close to the truth. Truth is not available in supermarkets so you can go directly and order it, it is not readily made available, you have to experience it.

Out of body Experience

If it is the first time you are having out-of-body experience, you are moving out of your body. It is wonderful, but very frightening. One feels disconnected because you are so much identified with the body and when you are hovering beyond the body, you naturally feel disconnected. The body feels so foreign, so alien, as if it is somebody else’s body. This is the most valuable experience on the way, hover around the body, remain away.

Soon the connection will happen, you will feel you are entering into another body. It will be a very new feeling, everything becomes alive. Man is not the body, he only thinks e is the body. Once you experience out-of-body, your thinking is disrupted. Now you will have to learn a new way to be in the body without being the body; the body will be a house and you will be just a resident. The Western world cannot understand it yet.

Remain available to strange experiences in life, and don’t try to deny the strange experience, because that is how many people go on gaining tremendous opportunities. This existence is yours. This existence is very friendly and there will be immense mysteries waiting for you. To known, to be experienced.