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Sagittarius  Characteristic Behavior: Enthusiastic, Honest ** Big Headed, Blunt

DATES: 23 Nov. – 21 Dec. LUCKY NUMBER: Three
SYMBOL: Centaur, The Archer BEST DAY: Thursday
COLOUR: Rich Purple SEASON: Late Autumn
METAL: Tin CRYSTAL: Amethyst, Carnelian
FLOWER: Narcissus FORTITUDE: Optimism
TREE: Oak CHALLENGE: Discover A Lot


THE GLYPH:is the arrow of an archer, or the Centaur, a man with the body of a horse.

AVOID:Being pushy and egocentric.

MINERAL:Silica – it prevents nail, hair, and cartilage problems. It is found in cucumbers, onions, black figs, red cabbage, brown rice, oatmeal, horseradish, and fresh cherries.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:Ninth sign of the zodiac, most advanced of al the fire signs. Values personal freedom, self expression, expansive, outgoing, optimistic and outspoken. Recognizes and expresses it’s will. Born extroverts, you want to live life to the fullest with abundant energy. Focus your aims and sights on the stars and intend to hit the mark, even if your methods are unorthodox. A natural generosity could be over extravagant which may develop braggardly, boastful, and arrogant attitudes.

RULING PLANET:Jupiter: king of all the Roman gods, ruled his domain from the heavens. The largest all powerful planet signifies success of every kind. It is also considered the most benevolent and known as the “great benefice”. It brings expansion, joviality, and grants the reward of marital growth when plans mature.


Distance from the Sun: 777,790,600 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 12 years Days
Approx. Length of Day: 10 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 13 Km per second
Diameter: 143,175 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS:Sagittarius can be a bit cavalier about committing to a relationship. Rampant Leo is passionate and sincerely affectionate too, and Sagittarius can appreciate the Lion’s benign guidance when “Happy go Lucky”, plans fall through. Fiery Aries has strong sensual feelings and would also bring mental stimulation. Both signs enjoy the excitement of intellectual and verbal challenge-even if this does cause a flaming row!

IF SHE IS SAGITTARIUS:You’re friendly, flirty, open minded, but your impulsive nature takes you to the wild side. Make sure your partner respects your desire to be independent.

IF HE IS SAGITTARIUS:Refereed to as the sign of the bachelor, the philanderer, and the philosopher. Being an explorer and in the need for freedom, don’t expect them to be content to stay at home. On the other side he lacks self control and may be unfaithful in love.

UNDESIRABLE SAGITTARIUS:Stinker Sagittarius seldom keeps promises. Impartial and moody, they tend to lack self control and may be unfaithful in love.

CAREERS:High aspirations and delightful optimism, versatility and a dynamic approach to things can make headway, provided there is no restrain. Adventurous at heart you could be a writer, broadcaster, politician, financier, or philosopher.

HEALTH:Sagittarius has rule over the thighs, hips, and liver. Sciatica and hip joint problems are prevalent and rheumatism and rheumatic fever are common ailments.

Compatibility Chart:


Aries -Solid Gold Passion
-Five Star Fun
-Perfect Mate
Taurus -Lusty
-Wild Fling
-Avoid If You Can
Gemini -Sizzling Hot
-Share The Limelight
-Worth Trying
Cancer -Explosive Passion
-Too Sticky
-Don’t Know…If
Leo -Soulmate
-Love & Passion
-Lasting Love
Virgo -Tones of Fun
-Friends Yes
Libra -Slow Seductive
-Fulfill Grooves
Scorpio -Showstopping Passion
-Fun & Friends Only
Sagittarius -Passion & Lust
-May Tag Along
Capricorn -Joy of Passion
-Try Compromise
Aquarius -Best Chums
-Passion Second
-It Can Work
Pisces -Rarefied Passion
-Too Possessive
-Not Suitable