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Taurus Characteristics Behavior: Loyal, Stable ** Possessive, Stubborn

DATES: 21 Apr. – 21 May LUCKY NUMBER: Six
SYMBOL: The Bull BEST DAY: Friday
METAL: Copper SEASON: Spring
FLOWER: Narcissus CRYSTAL: Lapis Lazyli, Rose Quartz
TREE: Fig FORTITUDE: Charm of Seduction
ANIMAL: Bull CHALLENGE: Secure Your World



THE GLYPH: Resembles the horns and the head of the bull – A Rodeo Bull

Avoid: Over indulgence causing stomach problems.

MINERAL: Sodium – Which maintains water balance in your body and prevents swelling, water retention, and diarrhea. It is found In spinach, celery, apples, radishes, lemons and strawberries.

GEMSTONE: Emerald, the rich green emerald which enjoys a fascinating history was said to be a link with the divine forces and the eye. It is effective in relieving stress, high blood pressure and headaches.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: The heavenly bull, second sign of the zodiac, is practically down to earth. Nature loving with great desire for warm and secure relationships. The favorable and warming influence of Venus, the goddess of love, brings a compashionable warmth to this sign bestowing upon it a love of arts, food and wine. Dedicated bons vivants and lovers of luxury Taureans make charming speakers and excellent hosts.

RULING PLANET: Venus: the goddess of love and beauty, signifies beauty, sensuality, love of art, food and wine, warmth and affection. Venus brings a love of luxuries and possessions of beautiful things. Venus governs the period of adolescence when a person begins to attract and becomes attracted to. Venus our closest neighbor is also the ruler of Libra.


Distance from the Sun: 108,124,800 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 225 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 243 Days
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 35 Km per second
Diameter: 12,098 Kilometers


RELATIONSHIPS: Taurans the most sensual sign in the zodiac, incompatible with Virgo and Capricorn. Protective and patient Taurans make caring partners, but always need kindly restrictions by their partners.

IF SHE IS TAURUS: YYou can be as sensuous as blazes with the right man, being earthy, romantic, you want stability.

IF HE IS TAURUS: Cautious Taurus, sensible, reliable, usually enjoys monogamy. A strong sense of touch and taste. They are intimately content, and make the best partners. For the worst he could be the worlds most stubborn amphibian.

UNDESIRABLE TAURUS: Stubborn Taurans like to go off on their own tangents of sensuality, making it often very casual connections. They tend to become lazy, dependent on others, and very possessive.

CAREERS: Methodical and practical minded Taurans excel at all aspects relating to each related professions. They can easily influence the psyche of other people since they also posses the charisma and knack of speech. The best professions include, Acquisitions, Management of Land and money, musician, stockbroker, dentist, realtor, etc.

HEALTH: Luxury loving Taureans must maintain a light exercise as a daily regime. Taureans tend to suffer from throat and thyroid gland problems and obesity.


Aries -Luscious Love
-No Holds Barred
-A First
Taurus -Passion Soars
-Watch Out
Gemini -Thrilling
-Incredibly Complex
-Take it Slow
Cancer -Kiss & Run
-Casual Affair
-Take a Hike
Leo -Roller Coaster
-Hotly Ending
-Fiercely Jealous
Virgo -Tender Passion
-Nagging & Overspending
Libra -Hot Fun
-Steamy Romance
Scorpio -Spicy When Hot
-Approach Gingerly
Sagittarius -A Magical Sizzle
-Well Worth Waiting
Capricorn -Spicy Romance
Aquarius -Rollicking Romance
Pisces -Lusty Deeds
-Not Enough