Your Future

The absolute mind with no ides of what will happen next day, but remain aware and alert, watchful that whatsoever will happen that you would live in it in absolute. It is a million times better to live single moment of absoluteness than living 100 years of falsehood, pretending, actin and just hoping that something could happen tomorrow which could bring happiness forever. But tomorrow never comes, that which always comes is today, the moment of present.
So we must learn the art of living in the present, without any past or future. God only knows the present and if we realize the present then and only then could we realize blissfulness.

Usually we are planning everything in terms of the future. Past creates the future. You enjoyed a beautiful moment. Now it has become a memory in you. You would like to repat it. You live in moments of hell, you would not like to repeat it. That is the future so your past is deciding your future and your future. is modified or perfect past perhaps something new added, few others dropped but nothing really new. It cannot be brand new because it is a modified reflection of the past. You can only think what you know. Knowing cannot enter into unknown, so knowing becomes confined known only. So whatever you are aware of life, that will decide what you will like to be in the future.

So you are moving in circles. It is actually a repetition of the past so you cannot really grow. That is how most people are going. That is why we miss bliss of life because we are not be thought about.

A conscious free form the past and future is freedom which knows love and bliss. It is very simple and spontaneous. That is the lifestyle of great yogis, Sufis, and Saints.

We live in the moments of present, because each and every moment is a gift from God, enjoy it and celebrate it, now.


Fortune in various “RAJ YOGAS” Found in the Natal-chart can tell if one becomes rich or Poor, one with Laksumi Yoga or Gajakeshri yogi will be naturaly prosperous rich. Mercury increases Liquid cash; Jupiter rules over all sorts of assets i.e, cash, jewelers, real estate for precious Jewel, Luxuries. Saturn governs land, mines, Antiques; Mars gives land,mines & buildings; the sun for authority, power, name & fame; the moon for liquid cash & wet lands …. beaches … following are general stellar patterns for determines your finances.

One rolls in Money if Saturn occupies either of Jupiter’s signs ie. Sagittarius and pisces; but this may not be the case if saturn occupies the 8th or 12th house from ascent it; one strikes rich if Jupiter is in earlier, sagittarius or pisces.

Mars thought debilitated in cancer and exalted in capricorn, in both gives wealth and fortune.

The sun in sagittarius makes one rich but makes one poor if posted In cancer, capricorn and aquarius.

Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd House give enormous wealth. Jupiter in 2,4,5,9,11 gives huge wealth.

Benefics in 8th indicates legacy sudden winfall gains, lottery.

The 5th House is called Lakshmi Sthasna, benefics here gain wealth, honor.

Many planets oriental (eastern side of the zodiac) make one rich and famous.

Jupiter in the 10th House gives home and fame all through life while saturn in the 10th house gives prosperty for short while.

These above mentioned stellar patterns are simply tentancis, the possibilities; these are not stone carved certainties. One may use them to some extent a guideline or so.