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Cycles is the science of bio-rhythm well known and respected and practiced in the Yoga and Sufi’s training. In Ancient days, Yogis were the ones who used to make such charts. These charts are very helpful because if you know when your positive mood comes, then that is the time to relate and do other things which need to be done right.
The human mind functions in a cycle. There are three cycles in human. First being physical, second emotional and third is intellectual. When all the three are in positive peaks of joy then ecstasy happens. When all three are negative, one experiences hell and to be free from both, is absolute freedom.

The first cycle being physical affects, physical factors including resistance to disease, co- ordination, physical strength and all other basic body functions and well-being. Physically, it take twenty-three days to complete.

Being emotional, the second cycle, it governs creativity, sensitivity, mental stamina, mood, perception of ourself and others. It takes twenty eight days. It follows the moon. Just as it happens to feminine body for menstruation to come. Even man has a kind of this cycle period. Man’s period is not visible, neither physical, it is psychological, more emotional, but it happens and now scientists are becoming more aware of it.

The third cycle is the cycle of intelligence. Making memories, alertness, awareness, awaken logical and analytical actions. This cycle takes places over a thirty three day period. The first half of this period is positive and the second half is negative.

But life is based on seven year cycles. We change every seven years and most changes happen between the end and the beginning. A child at the age of seven learns cleverness and deceptions. At fourteen “sex” arise and interest in opposite sex begins. At the age of twenty-one, power, ego, ambition to become settle, security, camaraderie … etc.

Once you are aware of your cycles, you could be in control, aware and altered being.