Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names

Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names : Sanskrit is the classical Indian language still used in yoga asanas to define poses and practices. The names of yoga asanas are most commonly from four categories: anatomy; animals; sages and deities; and objects. Additionally, names of poses are further broken down into numbers and characteristics of the pose.Yoga AsanasJust about all yoga poses end with the suffix ‘asana’ which means ‘pose’.  If the yoga pose is named after nature it is necessary to know all the different parts of nature to know the name of the  yoga pose. ‘Vrksa’ means ‘tree’, so ‘vrksasana’ translates as ‘tree pose’, and ‘baka’ means ‘crane’, hence ‘crane pose’. Similarly it is necessary to know the Indian sage names to know the  yoga poses designated in their honour.

Standing Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names

English Name Sanskrit Name
Standing Sideways Bending One arm Konasana
Sideways Bending Using Both arms Konasana 2
Standing Spinal Twist Katichakrasana
Standing Forward Bend Hastapadasana
Standing Backward Bend Ardha Chakrasana
Triangle Pose Trikonasana
Warrior Pose Veerabhadrasana or Virabhadrasana
Standing Forward Bend with Feet Apart Parsarita Padotanasana
Tree Pose Vrikshasana
Reverse Prayer Pose Paschim Namaskarasana
Eagle Pose Garudasana
Chair Pose Utkatasana

Sitting Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names

English Name Sanskrit Name
One-Legged Forward Bend Janu Shirasasana
Two-Legged Forward Bend Paschimottanasana
Upward Plank Pose Poorvottanasana
Sitting Half Spinal Twist Ardha Matsyendrasana
Butterfly Pose Badhakonasana
Lotus Pose Padmasana
One-Legged Pigeon Pose Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana
Camel Pose Ustrasana
Child Pose Shishuasana
Mill Churning Pose Chakki Chalanasana

 Lying down on stomach Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names

English Name Sanskrit Name
Side Plank Pose Vasisthasana
Downward Facing Dog Pose Adho Mukha Svanasana
Dolphin Plank Pose Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana
Cat Stretch Marjariasana
Bow Pose Dhanurasana
Cobra Pose Bhujangasana
Sphinx Pose Salamba Bhujangasana
Superman Pose Viparita Shalabhasana
Locust Pose Shalabasana

 Lying down on back Yoga Asanas Sanskrit Names

English Name Sanskrit Name
Boat Pose Naukasana
Bridge Pose Setu Bandhasana
Fish Pose Matsyasana
Wind-Relieving Pose Pavanamuktasana
Shoulder Stand Sarvangasana
Plow Pose Halasana
Lying-down Body Twist Natrajasana
Lying-down on sides Vishnuasana
Corpse Pose Shavasana

Hypnosis – “Helping a Friend Into Hypnosis”

Hypnos is a greek word which stands for the God of sleep, which is felt to be responsible for the dreams in which etheric world entities come to the sleeper with guidance. Hypnosis represent the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness that one also reaches during sleep; it is a deliberate technique process of passion which puts the subconscious mind in control of the person, with a heightened sense of response to suggestions and an acute awareness of psychic senses; usually, the physical body is very calm and in a deep state of relaxation.
There are different types of hypnosis, but for this article purpose, we will divide it in two parts:

(a) Self Hypnosis

It can be applied in three different ways, firstly, by self-hypnotherapy; secondly, emotional, most important; and thirdly, spontaneous self-hypnosis.

(b) Guided Hypnosis

It can be divided in six ways:

1. On the spot
2. Ethereal (distant)
3. Mass
4. Heterohypnotherapy
5. Stage
6. Medical

Hypnosis have three different degree, firth lethargic (light state); second, cataleptic (medium) and third, somnambulistic (deep state).

To experience or to help a friend into, sit on a straight chair with both feet on the ground, hands on the thigh in the mudra, with spine straight. Simply view and focus on a spot in front of you. Just being still, yours eyes will naturally want to close pretty soon. Imagine that your eyelids are made of lead and that they are very very heavy. As you imagine all this, deliberately relax your body as much as it comes naturally. Now extend your arms whiles yours eyes are quivering, keep your eyes closed. Imagine a sand pail hanging on your right wrist. Sand is poured in gradually. At the same time, a large blue balloon is tied by a string around your left wrist and lifting it us, pulling it higher and higher, it may appear to be strange, one- hand pulling on down. When your right hand is all the way down o your lap, it will be completely relaxed. Then the string on the other hand will be untied and your left arm will drift down and relax. As you are getting relaxed you will go deeper and deeper into hypnotic state. Waves of relaxation are spreading over you. Now speak to your fiend or play a tape for relaxing, resting, quiet, floating, and being peaceful. You will become very responsive to suggestions. Now you have access to the inner world.

Once you are in the hypnotic state, you can always come out whenever you want to be simply counting back from five to one and saying wide awake. And, of course, you will only go into a hypnotic state, when choose to do so. OK, you will remember everything you have experienced and feel comfortable for better understanding of yourself.


Cycles is the science of bio-rhythm well known and respected and practiced in the Yoga and Sufi’s training. In Ancient days, Yogis were the ones who used to make such charts. These charts are very helpful because if you know when your positive mood comes, then that is the time to relate and do other things which need to be done right.
The human mind functions in a cycle. There are three cycles in human. First being physical, second emotional and third is intellectual. When all the three are in positive peaks of joy then ecstasy happens. When all three are negative, one experiences hell and to be free from both, is absolute freedom.

The first cycle being physical affects, physical factors including resistance to disease, co- ordination, physical strength and all other basic body functions and well-being. Physically, it take twenty-three days to complete.

Being emotional, the second cycle, it governs creativity, sensitivity, mental stamina, mood, perception of ourself and others. It takes twenty eight days. It follows the moon. Just as it happens to feminine body for menstruation to come. Even man has a kind of this cycle period. Man’s period is not visible, neither physical, it is psychological, more emotional, but it happens and now scientists are becoming more aware of it.

The third cycle is the cycle of intelligence. Making memories, alertness, awareness, awaken logical and analytical actions. This cycle takes places over a thirty three day period. The first half of this period is positive and the second half is negative.

But life is based on seven year cycles. We change every seven years and most changes happen between the end and the beginning. A child at the age of seven learns cleverness and deceptions. At fourteen “sex” arise and interest in opposite sex begins. At the age of twenty-one, power, ego, ambition to become settle, security, camaraderie … etc.

Once you are aware of your cycles, you could be in control, aware and altered being.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye is a region of the head that psychic information and dream stuff uses as a mechanism to alert conscious mind it is there it be perceived, It consists of the pineal gland.

There are two physical eyes, we all can see. There is not a third eye physiologically in your body, it is a metaphor. When you look into existence with absolute undivided consciousness, then you are one. When Jesus said to his disciples, “If your become of one eye, then you will know my Kingdom of God. If you attain one eye, then all bliss be yours and all benediction”. He is talking about third eye.

Two points must be understood; First, being energy of the third eye us really same as two physical eyes. The third eye is non-functioning, it cannot see unless physical eyes become unseeing. The same energy must move into third eye. It needs energy to function, and same energy has to be redirected.

Secondly, when you are seeing through physical eyes, you are seeing through physical body. Third eye is not part of physical body; but subtle body (suksham sharir). That’s why physiology cannot believe that there is an existence of third eye.

With third eye functioning, you can enter a different dimension. With third eye you can see things which are invisible to the physical eye but visible to the subtle eye. With third eye functioning, you look at a person, you look at the person’s soul, at the spirit, not at physical body through physical eyes, but you cannot see the soul.

The movement through third eye transforms into a new world, a subtle world. You start seeing things you have never seen.

The third eye is the conscience, the two physical eyes see the past and present, while the third eye reveals the insight of the future.

Superstitions & Omens

Superstitions & Omens actual meaning is “the blind use of a form whose significance has been forgotten” and omen is “a rare or extraordinary event or physical activity using a non-human agency to prognosticate an emotional event; event is impossible under the known laws of physics; occurs as a signal of an opportunity to be seized, a danger to be avoided, or news of an emotional even to happen to oneself; a token indication given for the one where it happens; executed by an etheric world guide, a nature spirit, a deceased close friend, the universal mind or the subconscious mind; a flower growing out of a season; a picture falling off the wall when the person in another locale dies…
Following are the most common interpretation of itching on the human body:

  • Right Foot – A profitable travel, windfall
  • Left Foot – Loosing money on the road
  • Shins – An unpleasant surprise
  • Right Knee – Good news
  • Left Knee – Rumors about you
  • Thighs – A move
  • Abdomen – An invitation for part / feast
  • Right Palm / Ankle – Expect money
  • Left Palm / Ankle – Bills to pay / wasted money
  • Right Elbow – Good news, connection
  • Left Elbow – Bad news, enemies
  • Right Shoulder – An inheritance, good fortune
  • Left Shoulder – Unhappiness, unpleasant responsibility, loan, etc.
  • Back – Disappointment, turned down / off
  • Neck – Sickness / burn out
  • Mouth – Insult
  • Outside Nose – Crossed, vexed, kissed by a fool
  • Inside Nose – Grief
  • Right Eye – A pleasant meeting
  • Left Eye – Disappointments
  • Right Cheek / Ear – Derogatory remarks
  • Left Cheek / Ear – Complimentary / supplement
  • Top of Head – Good luck