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Hypnos is a greek word which stands for the God of sleep, which is felt to be responsible for the dreams in which etheric world entities come to the sleeper with guidance. Hypnosis represent the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness that one also reaches during sleep; it is a deliberate technique process of passion which puts the subconscious mind in control of the person, with a heightened sense of response to suggestions and an acute awareness of psychic senses; usually, the physical body is very calm and in a deep state of relaxation.
There are different types of hypnosis, but for this article purpose, we will divide it in two parts:

(a) Self Hypnosis

It can be applied in three different ways, firstly, by self-hypnotherapy; secondly, emotional, most important; and thirdly, spontaneous self-hypnosis.

(b) Guided Hypnosis

It can be divided in six ways:

1. On the spot
2. Ethereal (distant)
3. Mass
4. Heterohypnotherapy
5. Stage
6. Medical

Hypnosis have three different degree, firth lethargic (light state); second, cataleptic (medium) and third, somnambulistic (deep state).

To experience or to help a friend into, sit on a straight chair with both feet on the ground, hands on the thigh in the mudra, with spine straight. Simply view and focus on a spot in front of you. Just being still, yours eyes will naturally want to close pretty soon. Imagine that your eyelids are made of lead and that they are very very heavy. As you imagine all this, deliberately relax your body as much as it comes naturally. Now extend your arms whiles yours eyes are quivering, keep your eyes closed. Imagine a sand pail hanging on your right wrist. Sand is poured in gradually. At the same time, a large blue balloon is tied by a string around your left wrist and lifting it us, pulling it higher and higher, it may appear to be strange, one- hand pulling on down. When your right hand is all the way down o your lap, it will be completely relaxed. Then the string on the other hand will be untied and your left arm will drift down and relax. As you are getting relaxed you will go deeper and deeper into hypnotic state. Waves of relaxation are spreading over you. Now speak to your fiend or play a tape for relaxing, resting, quiet, floating, and being peaceful. You will become very responsive to suggestions. Now you have access to the inner world.

Once you are in the hypnotic state, you can always come out whenever you want to be simply counting back from five to one and saying wide awake. And, of course, you will only go into a hypnotic state, when choose to do so. OK, you will remember everything you have experienced and feel comfortable for better understanding of yourself.