Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments are precious reminders to one itself to live your life fully being an aware entity rather than living through the dogma of a religion which plants fear and hatred among humanity, offers no direction to enlightenment, often preaches a superior or inferior complex among themselves, and shows little or no compassion for other creatures created by GOD.

  1. Life is a gift, accept it wholly. It comes with joy and suffering, drama and trauma, ups and downs. Enjoy living every moment of it.
  2. You are part of HIS creation and He is part of you, look within, your consciousness is the built in apparatus which tells you when you are on the right or wrong path.
  3. Truth is in present; your existence, quest for material gains, love, pleasure, power, survival, pain, denials and more.
  4. Your body is the church, admire it, accept it, respect it, and enjoy it. It is much more than the five senses, skin and bones, brain and mind. It has the power to achieve enlightenment.
  5. Live your life being an awake and aware being. Absolutely free from the fear of man made dogma of sins to get control of you in any manner. They will try to cage you in a form of guilt to join the masses, but don’t forget, you belong to yourself first.
  6. Life is the only teacher who teaches you the real truth. What you learn from others is their experience of life, which may not apply to you. Your personal experience will always be very unique, one of its own kind.
  7. Beware of the enemies within you; ego, lust, greed, anger, possessiveness, reactions, expectations. You are like a traveler embarking on a journey of life; these elements can put you through self-made sufferings to which there is no end.
  8. Love yourself before loving others, it has lot deeper meaning than you can imagine while reading this phrase. Your Love will reflect possessiveness if your own feelings are being insecure towards you.
  9. Both GOD and Life exist in present, full of energy, part of each other, to be experienced now. It is here and now. Enjoy them all.
  10. The law of Karma applies to everyone, the law of Mother Nature, to each action there is equal and opposite reaction. No one is above the basic laws, no exceptions. Be aware of your existence and your actions!

Ultimate Orgasm Of Life; Death – The Joy Of Death

The Joy of Death in Yogi’s, Sufi’s, saints and Eastern World, we have a different outlook, death is an occasion to celebrate not for sorrow. It give you rest and peace. You are your body have become tired, you have enjoyed the experiences and now its is the time to go into darkness, rest for a while and then you can be born again. Death will revive you again n a new and fresh way.

There is no need to be afraid, die consciously. If you become panicky you will no experience the natural experience of death. Don’t think of death as illness, disease and suffering. Illness and disease happens only when you are not natural, because it indicates that something is going wrong in you nature. You may be surprised to know that in China there has been a traditional concept (ancient tradition) that when a person falls ill, they stop paying the doctor. The doctor must keep you health naturally. In India, tuberculosis is the royal disease. It only happen to kings, rulers, maharajah’s etc. A great degree of constant tension is required for lots of diseases to happen, even cancer.

Death is wonderful – it is like a flower – and ultimate flower that blooms at the last moment. It is the peak. It is the ultimate orgasm. The word “death” is a great misnomer for there is no death: when you are tired of like, you simply take off the overcoat of flesh and go back to the astral world. Soul lives in the astral body without the consciousness of the physical body.

You are born as a nobody and you will dies as a nobody. In between you birth and death you deceive yourself that you are this and you are that. The whole society is of the same kind of people, – they are together in the same conspiracy. We are all deceiving each other and we want to be deceived. The darkness of nobody is not death, it is authentic life. It is how you were born, without home, without caste, without religion or country. They are all man made –unnatural. When someone dies, in every society of this world, it is customary, not talk anything bad about the dead person. It is not a cultural standpoint, but it is out of fear. It arose in the past when people thought that a dead person was going to become a ghost.

The Joy of Death

The spiritual scientists of the east analyzed death as a withdrawal of energy. Energy cannot die, neither created, it transforms, Some enlightened and wise people can tell when they will leave the physical body approximately nine months ahead of time which coincides with the time of pregnancy to come into this life. In the last four months they can feel that their eyes are loose enough to see their complete nose and their aura is becoming very weak. In the east you hear and experience many of these real life stories. Usually, these people enjoy every moment of the process of death.

Ever Socrates was learning form his own death. When he was given the poison, his disciples start crying. He told his disciples to let him learn and experience death. Socrates remained alert, aware, awake to the very last moment and he kept on sharing his experiences. He was enjoying, learning and teaching about death.