Are You My (Blood) Type?

Sounds like and original line, but not too long. Talking about blood type is the easiest way to establish contact with a person of the opposite sex. You may still like to ask their horoscope sign and may have luck in starting a conversation. Blood type is not a new or profound approach, but it sounds more scientific. The scientific world neither denies nor confirms these findings.

The labeling of blood is based upon the lack or presence of specific chemical substances on the surfaces of the red cells. The blood is the liquid pumped by the heart through all the arteries, veins, and capillaries. It is made up of a clear yellow fluid called plasma, and many cells called formed elements. The formed elements include red blood cells (erthrocrytes), white blood cells (leukocytes) and platelets. The erthrocrytes move oxygen and food to the cells and remove carbon dioxide and other wastes. The leukocytes defend the body against foreign invaders. The platelets function in blood clotting. Hormones, seats, and proteins are also contained in the blood. The normal adult has a total volume of 7-8% of body weight of blood. Blood moves at about one foot per second with a total circulation rate of about 20 seconds.

The letters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘O’, and ‘AB’ represent your blood type, character and success or struggle in blood type. Each blood type has its own strengths and weaknesses, but there is a common consensus on their broad outlines.

A person with blood type A tends to be punctual, detail oriented, focused and easy to get along with. They also tend to be nitpickers, loose their temper quickly, but keep it to themselves, and have low patience.

A raucous voice booming across the party room is the person with blood type B. They are happy go lucky, rarely organized, usually late or plan everything at the eleventh hour, and live by the moment. They show off and replace different masks to handle different situations and are still sloppy. Watch their anger, they can get physical quick.

O are the most highly motivated and intent on controlling group situations. Being think tanks they have difficulty representing their own emotions.

AB is dual, but wise. They intend to invent original ideas. Gossiping and rumors entice them, but they seldom start them.

Blood in the stoic world is a mechanism in the physical body that releases the electronic, microscopic, and karmic pictures from the mental reflecting ether. These pictures come from the heart, which is a temporary akashic record file and flow throughout the blood stream with their information on the pattern of the body’s conditions and individual life styles.

Scorpio – A Feminine * Negative * Fixed * Water Sign



Scorpio Characteristic Behavior: Probing, Passionate ** Suspicious, Jealous

DATES: 23 Oct. – 22 Nov LUCKY NUMBER: Nine
SYMBOL: Scorpion BEST DAY: Tuesday
METAL: Iron CRYSTAL: Jet, Red Garnet
FLOWER: Orchid FORTITUDE: Analytical Mind
TREE: Blackthorn CHALLENGE: Focus Ahead, Not Past
ANIMAL: Snakes

PREFERRED SAYING: “I Like To Make New Things…”

THE GLYPH:The serpent coil.

AVOID:Jealousy and suspicion.

MINERAL:Calcium – Which can prevent problems with the eyes, stomach, and skin. It is found in oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, and cabbage.

GEMSTONE: Topaz a form of Beryl, the Topaz occurs in several colours but the rich gold variety symbolizes the sun. It typifies courage and leadership and is said to make it’s wearer fearless and wise.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:Eighth sign of the zodiac, is the first to be aware of the “mysticism” beyond the physical world. Highly analytical, resourceful, accepting, and adapting. Easy to change Scorpios often solve problems intuitively, being intensely passionate with devotion, with a compelling personal magnetism, you posses a strong sense of purpose and never do things by halves. A slighted Scorpion is uncompromising in it’s bitterness with hatred, often lasting a lifetime. You master the art of using other people’s money in business, and your ideas are a little too big sometimes.

RULING PLANET:Pluto: the unseen ruler of the dead and the guardian of the underworld is the god of death and life beyond death it is a dark force for both creation and destruction. This planet was discovered on Feb. 18 1930, is the smallest of all the planets.


Distance from the Sun: 57,924,000 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 248 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 5 Days 9 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 5 Km per second
Diameter: 2600 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS:Falling in love is quite complicated for you because you fear involvement and seek adventure nor passion, but the absolute. You need change as much as intrigue. You like to dominate those you love sometimes to liberate your own frustrations. Fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces identify with the lure, the mystically “religious” experience and receptive Cancer would warm up to a Scorpios dependability and passionate devotion to family. Pisces, irresistibly drawn to Scorpio, could discover that though compatible, their union is of mixed blessings.

IF SHE IS SCORPIO:You are an intense and powerful woman who has the uncanny ability to read people’s minds. You have a strong need to express your emotions, but you often keep them buried inside. If your partner has trouble accepting your dominant behavior, the relationship can be rocky.

IF HE IS SCORPIO:Magically prince Scorpio is resourceful magnetic and receptive. He may not be able to appreciate you as often as you deserve. But he is definitely there whenever you need him.

UNDESIRABLE SCORPIO:Scorpios are extreme, you are under the spell of a highly possessive sign, if you involve with them. If you cross them, Scorpios can be very vindictive. Scorpio can be a vile enemy if you provoke his anger. Scorpio can be jealous, stubborn, and very possessive.

CAREERS:Your mind is sharp, agile, and sly. Success means a great deal to you. Shrewd and highly focused, you enjoy quietly pulling the strings of those around you. You are resolute in your desire to become a person who is highly regarded, respected and perhaps a bit intimidating. The best professions can be, detective, psychic, magician, lawyer, judge, physician, or investigator.


Aries -Sizzling Passion
-Power Struggle
-Hard To Survive
Taurus -Love At Once
Gemini -Spicy When Hot
-Losing Love Game
Cancer -Soulmate
-Fulfill Desires
-Passion & Caring
Leo -Explosive Intimacy
-Conflicts of Power
Virgo -Secret Passion Mind & Soul
-Could Be…
Libra -Charming Passion
-Afraid To Stick
-No Way
Scorpio -Fiercely Focused
-Up & Down Affair
Sagittarius -Lots of Thrill
-Fun & Friends
-A Fling
Capricorn -Charismatic
-Magical Spell
-Work Put Jinx
Aquarius -Explosive Passion
-Can’t Stop
Pisces -Blissful