Unique Existence of Yours

Unique Existence of Yours is a question arise within us, who am I: What is my purpose? Why am I born? Who is behind all this? And thousands and millions of questions of this nature. God has created you so unique, so individual, that there is no other “you” like you, perhaps alike or similar, like you. God has never created another person exactly like you. But how much understanding do we have towards our creator? Not much.

Even modern sciences limit their thoughts until something happens. They do not have an answer as to why. For example, if you ask a scientist why oxygen and hydrogen combines to crate water, a scientist can say it happens. Why does it happen? The scientist can say “we can only tell how it happens, not why”. No question is answerable through answers. Here are now, it all that is to known and realized, that is the reality, being a part of the experience of this natural existence.

You have been created, but not on the assemble line like a truck, car or some other equipment. Each of us has been made not according to a mould, not according to certain designs – each of us individually has been paid individual and unique attention to. The creator has given you a certain shape, a certain being. You are very special, unique and original, not a copy and certainly you are his creation and existence.

How about yourself? Do you like your existence? It is an obvious fact that we do not lover ourselves, we condemn ourselves. We do not think ourselves have any worth.

Accepting yourself is acceptance of the creator. Lover and respect yourself and you will be giving the respect to your creator. You are the visible proof that God is; the creation is visible proof that the creator is; the beauty you possess is visible that the creator only creates uniqueness.


Cycles is the science of bio-rhythm well known and respected and practiced in the Yoga and Sufi’s training. In Ancient days, Yogis were the ones who used to make such charts. These charts are very helpful because if you know when your positive mood comes, then that is the time to relate and do other things which need to be done right.
The human mind functions in a cycle. There are three cycles in human. First being physical, second emotional and third is intellectual. When all the three are in positive peaks of joy then ecstasy happens. When all three are negative, one experiences hell and to be free from both, is absolute freedom.

The first cycle being physical affects, physical factors including resistance to disease, co- ordination, physical strength and all other basic body functions and well-being. Physically, it take twenty-three days to complete.

Being emotional, the second cycle, it governs creativity, sensitivity, mental stamina, mood, perception of ourself and others. It takes twenty eight days. It follows the moon. Just as it happens to feminine body for menstruation to come. Even man has a kind of this cycle period. Man’s period is not visible, neither physical, it is psychological, more emotional, but it happens and now scientists are becoming more aware of it.

The third cycle is the cycle of intelligence. Making memories, alertness, awareness, awaken logical and analytical actions. This cycle takes places over a thirty three day period. The first half of this period is positive and the second half is negative.

But life is based on seven year cycles. We change every seven years and most changes happen between the end and the beginning. A child at the age of seven learns cleverness and deceptions. At fourteen “sex” arise and interest in opposite sex begins. At the age of twenty-one, power, ego, ambition to become settle, security, camaraderie … etc.

Once you are aware of your cycles, you could be in control, aware and altered being.


Fortune in various “RAJ YOGAS” Found in the Natal-chart can tell if one becomes rich or Poor, one with Laksumi Yoga or Gajakeshri yogi will be naturaly prosperous rich. Mercury increases Liquid cash; Jupiter rules over all sorts of assets i.e, cash, jewelers, real estate for precious Jewel, Luxuries. Saturn governs land, mines, Antiques; Mars gives land,mines & buildings; the sun for authority, power, name & fame; the moon for liquid cash & wet lands …. beaches … following are general stellar patterns for determines your finances.

One rolls in Money if Saturn occupies either of Jupiter’s signs ie. Sagittarius and pisces; but this may not be the case if saturn occupies the 8th or 12th house from ascent it; one strikes rich if Jupiter is in earlier, sagittarius or pisces.

Mars thought debilitated in cancer and exalted in capricorn, in both gives wealth and fortune.

The sun in sagittarius makes one rich but makes one poor if posted In cancer, capricorn and aquarius.

Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd House give enormous wealth. Jupiter in 2,4,5,9,11 gives huge wealth.

Benefics in 8th indicates legacy sudden winfall gains, lottery.

The 5th House is called Lakshmi Sthasna, benefics here gain wealth, honor.

Many planets oriental (eastern side of the zodiac) make one rich and famous.

Jupiter in the 10th House gives home and fame all through life while saturn in the 10th house gives prosperty for short while.

These above mentioned stellar patterns are simply tentancis, the possibilities; these are not stone carved certainties. One may use them to some extent a guideline or so.