Aries – A Masculine * Positive * Cardinal * Fire Sign



Aries Characteristic Behavior: Independent, Dynamic ** Arrogant, Hasty

DATES: 21 Mar – 20 Apr. LUCKY NUMBER: Nine
METAL: Zinc SEASON: Winter
FLOWER: Iris CRYSTAL: Rhobonite, Purple garnet
TREE: Weeping Willow FORTITUDE: Deeply Intuitive
ANIMAL: Sea Mammals & All Fish CHALLENGE: Living Truthfully

PREFERRED SAYING: “I am the most…”

THE GLYPH: The horn of the Ram. The “butting” action in which the Ram chases “head fist” typical.

Avoid: The flare of fiery anger.

MINERAL: Potassium – Which prevents migraines, headaches, and nervous breakdowns. It can be found in celery, lemons, beetroots, and tomatoes.

GEMSTONE: Diamond has been a token of love, it’s purity and durability symbolize the qualities that true love is. It remains the most coveted and desirable of all known jewels.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: The first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the sun’s journey, the awesome raw, primitive energy of explorer, initiates new ideas and passion. Being assertive with a strong will can be rebellious. Arians “think on their feet” and react well under stress and in confrontations. The egocentric Aries can be impudent, boastful, and impulsive.

RULING PLANET: Mars: Roman god of war is seen as a vital, strong, masculine force equipped with a spear, shield, and plumed helmet. It also represents physical power, passion, and giving strong sensual feelings. Mars, roman god of wars and agriculture is blood red and was in love with Venus.


Distance from the Sun: 227,995,300 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 687 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 25 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 24 Km per second
Diameter: 49,491 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS: Arians are most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Arians are ardent, can make possessive, jealous, partners who require crystal clear understanding. Leo could harness and stabilize with warm hearted for impulsive Aries. Both have forceful sensuality associated with the fire sign. Sagittarius could bring bonhomie, optimism and intellectual with Aries who should be fully prepared to allow freedom loving.

IF SHE IS ARIES: You’re hot as a firecracker, assertive and adventurous. Variety and change can be replaced with creativity, otherwise you could be on a roller coaster ride.

IF HE IS ARES: Physically attuned, sweet, and kind to fulfill your innermost desires. Big spender, could be a non reformer.

UNDESIRABLE ARIES: Pushy, aggressive Aries tries to rush off against the wishes of others want their way. It may sound crude, but many a Ram allows their genitals to control them. They are reckless, arrogant, impatient, and domineering.

CAREERS: Which represents a lot of challenge will appeal the most where high energy and initiation. Also given the incisive Arian is a writer or satire, self employed, entrepreneur, architect, athlete, dentist, carpenter, executive..

HEALTH: An Arians complaints can be brain fever due to stress, overwork, neurological and eye trouble. Arians should guard against conditions associated with the brain, jaws, face, and carterial arteries.


Aries -Passionate
Taurus -Thrill
-Don’t Rush
Gemini -Magical
-Reckless Romance
Cancer -Restless
-Secret & Steamy
Leo -Soulmate
Virgo -Careful
-Slow (Step by Step)
Libra -Springy
-Slow Love
-Slow Romance
Scorpio -Hot To Trot
-No Fun
Sagittarius -Quixotic
-Can Work
Capricorn -Reckless
-Arouse Passion
-Passion Burnout
Aquarius -Hard To Read Heart Throb
-Lies Can Kill
Pisces -Illusionary
-Toss Back
-Fantasy World

Pisces – A Feminine * Negative * Mutable * Water Sign



Pisces Characteristic Behavior: Sacrificing, Intuitive ** Lazy and Unreliable

DATES: 19 Feb. – 20 Mar. LUCKY NUMBER: Seven
SYMBOL: The Fishes BEST DAY: Thursday
METAL: Zinc SEASON: Winter
FLOWER: Iris CRYSTAL: Rhobonite, Purple garnet
TREE: Weeping Willow FORTITUDE: Deeply Intuitive
ANIMAL: Sea Mammals & All Fish CHALLENGE: Living Truthfully


THE GLYPH: Represents two fish swimming in opposite directions but bound together.

Avoid: Procrastination.

MINERAL: Iron – Which maintains oxygen in your system, especially in your blood. Iron balances the nervous system, regularizes breathing, stabilizes physical metabolism, and prevents low blood pressure, anemia, and inflammation. Iron is found in chick peas, all green leafed vegetables, all dried fruits, nuts, cereals, root vegetables, and all fresh fruits.

GEMSTONE: Amethyst is a variety of quartz and is found in many shades of mauve, purple, and violet. It can be used to gain political power. It can also heal and comfort stress. It enriches blood and increases resistance to infection. Caffeine

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Intuitive, sympathetic, caring, listener, who is full of understanding of the human psyche and are very empathetic. Charming Piceans are intelligent, creative, tend to support good causes, and are proud of animals. Difficulty in making decisions cause Piceans to drift ineffectually. Due to hypersensitivity they may suffer from mood swings.

RULING PLANET: Neptune: was discovered by Johan Galle on September 23, 1864. Also known as the “Mystic” planet, it brings intuitiveness, idealism which associates with super-consciousness and spiritual development. Neptune, god of the sea, had power over storms, winds, and earth quakes.


Distance from the Sun: 4,485,248,400 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 165 Years
Approx. Length of Day: 18 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 5 Km per second
Diameter: 49,491 Kilometers

ANCIENT RULING PLANET: Jupiter: The largest of all the planets and considered the most benevolent. Also known as “The Great Benefice”, brings expansion, joviality, and grants the reward of material growth when plans mature.

RELATIONSHIPS: Passionate and mystically emotional Scorpio holds a magnetic attraction for Piceans. With a warmth and genuine desire to make others happy Piceans require a caring loving yet forceful partner to counterbalance. Dreamy Pieces, poetic and lyrical in love always seeks to discover the fairy tale romance. Sensitive, maternal and protective, Cancer offers a warm, affectionate romance.

IF SHE IS PISCES: A born romantic, sensitive, and emotional who seeks satisfaction in intimacy, you posses the instinctive flair for fascinating touch.

IF HE IS PISCES: Physically attuned, sweet, and kind to fulfill your innermost desires. Big spender, could be a non reformer.

UNDESIRABLE PISCES: Could be moody, lazy, indecisive, and self indulgent. Piceans could be involved with some illegal activities. Piceans can be addicted to alcohol and promiscuous…

CAREERS: CBeing an intuitive caring, professional reflecting the rhythms of the sea are the best. Any career where you can use your enormous charm and creativity, such as a dancer, astrologer, physician, art or theater director, etc.

HEALTH: Care should be taken in regard to seafood and contaminated water. Conditions affecting feet and toes such as bunions, corns, gout, prevail. Illness connected with nervous stress and allergies.


Aries -Illusion Passion
-Toss Back
Taurus -Lust Quencher
-Haughty & Laughty
-Wait & See
Gemini -Double Fun
-Flighty Fun Fanatic
Cancer -Fabulous
-Mood Change-Watch
Leo -Passion Packed
-Opposites Attract
-Lead To Long Term
Virgo -Passionate
-Tender Loving Care
-Can’t Contain
Libra -Moonlight Romance
-Banish Off
Scorpio -Overdrive Passion
Sagittarius -Rarified Passion
-Too In-depth
-Look for Someone Else
Capricorn -Love & Passion
-Can Last
Aquarius -Steamy Passion
-Soap Opera Beauty
-Gone Good Bye
Pisces -Sensuous
-Mutual Bliss
-Who Pays? You or me?

Aquarius – A Masculine * Positive * Fixed * Air Sign



Aquarius Characteristic Behavior: Altruistic, Just ** Vague, Two Faced


DATES: 20 Jan-19 Feb. LUCKY NUMBER: Ten
SYMBOL: Water Carrier BEST DAY: Saturday
COLOR: Turquoise LUCKY TIME: Daytime
METAL: Uranium & Aluminum SEASON: Winter
FLOWER: Apple Blossom CRYSTAL: Turquoise Kyanite
TREE: Cherry FORTITUDE: Friend Of Humanity
ANIMAL: Large Far Flying Birds CHALLENGE: Liberation Of Self

Aquarius Characteristics


THE GLYPH: They Resembles radio waves. As something transmitted by air, not by water.

MINERAL: Sodium – Which maintains water balance in your body and prevents swelling. Water retention, and diarrhea. It is found in spinach, celery, apples, radishes, lemons and strawberries.

AVOID: Junk Food & Caffeine

GEMSTONE: Aquamarine is a pale blue to greenish blue variety and represents water in the mineral kingdom. It is common knowing that Aquamarines were those wishing to know the innermost secrets of others.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: Independent, clear, fluid, visionary, individualistic approach, means leading lights in their particular social spheres. Highly inventive with a refined balance of readiness power, are loyal friends. You appreciate the freedom money can buy. In pursuit of their own dreams goals, and desires, aquarians can become blind to all else, erratic, stubborn and inconsistent.

RULING PLANET: Uranus: discovered by William Herschel in 1781, spells change unpredictable revolution, and disruption. In Greek mythology Uranus was the god of heaven, both the son and the husband of the goddess Gala and father of the Titans. Uranus might have been hit by a big object, resulting in it’s being tipped on it’s side as it is today. The gasses in the atmosphere give it it’s blue green colour.


Distance from the Sun: 2,866,594,400 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 84 Years
Approx. Length of Day: 15 Years
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 6 Km per second
Diameter: 51, 792 Kilometers


ANCIENT RULING PLANET: Saturn: Bringing age, wisdom, responsibility, and self discipline. Saturn can be a rough and hard task maker. In medieval astrology, Saturn was the ruler of Aquarius and known as the agricultural god. Carries the sickle as a tool of his labour. Also Saturn is the leader of the first gods, being the second largest planet, but it is very lightweight.

Distance from the Sun: 1,424,769,500 KM
Time to Orbit the Sun: 30 Years
Approx. Length of Day: 10 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 10 Km per second
Diameter: 119,980 KM

RELATIONSHIPS: Aquarians are mostly compatible with Libra & Gemini. Libra’s ability to communicate with partners could bring understanding and tolerance to a rebellious Aqauarian. Harmony and relationship are Libra’s key words which could keep the partnership afloat, romantic, and loving. Receptive communicative, flirtatious Gemini has adaptable quality bringing a warmth to the Aquarians lack of emotions.

IF SHE IS AQUARIUS: Genuine, one of a kind, desire to serve, often selects an unconventional companion to prove a point.

IF HE IS AQUARIUS: This prince of a fellow is an absolute delight. A fabulous sense of humor and intuitive mind could be heartfelt, but he could have trouble demonstrating affection.

UNDESIRABLE AQUARIUS: Could be absolutely emotionally detached individual, which is very cold. But it may reflect in selfless rebellion. It may display bizarre behavior or go to extreme stubbornness, and it could also reflect in Aquarius’s nature.

CAREERS: Concentrate on helping others, replying inventiveness and originality of the thought process. Sharp minded, creative, and extremely convincing. Ability to accept challenges, you handle them with intelligence, confidence, and in a thorough manner. With your enormous reservoir, you could become a writer, teacher, explorer, politician, gymnast, and lots more.

HEALTH: Is susceptible to illness, blood and nerve disorders, varicose veins, hardening of arteries and shins are also vulnerable. You’re not a big eater as a member of an intellectual air sign, you’d rather talk than eat. Keep fueling yourself with a health diet.


Aries -Irresistible Attraction
-Hard To Figure
-Lies Can Kill
Taurus -Floater
-Chill Out
Gemini -Fulfill
Cancer -Lots Fun
-Emotionally Stressing
-Waft Away
Leo -Wild &Witty
-Share The Power
-Boom To Bust
Virgo -Hot Passion
-Shocking & Suspicious
-Get Rid Of
Libra -Giggly Love
-Romance & Care
-Could Last
Scorpio -Magical Passion
-Break Free Fast
-Kiss & Be Gone
Sagittarius -Stupendous Passion
-Good Friend/Good Times
-Not Sure On/Off
Capricorn -A Real Come On
-Can Last If…
Aquarius -Passion & Mystery
-Great Match
Pisces -Lures Passion
-Self Pity
-Too Clingy, Bye Bye

Unique Existence of Yours

Unique Existence of Yours is a question arise within us, who am I: What is my purpose? Why am I born? Who is behind all this? And thousands and millions of questions of this nature. God has created you so unique, so individual, that there is no other “you” like you, perhaps alike or similar, like you. God has never created another person exactly like you. But how much understanding do we have towards our creator? Not much.

Even modern sciences limit their thoughts until something happens. They do not have an answer as to why. For example, if you ask a scientist why oxygen and hydrogen combines to crate water, a scientist can say it happens. Why does it happen? The scientist can say “we can only tell how it happens, not why”. No question is answerable through answers. Here are now, it all that is to known and realized, that is the reality, being a part of the experience of this natural existence.

You have been created, but not on the assemble line like a truck, car or some other equipment. Each of us has been made not according to a mould, not according to certain designs – each of us individually has been paid individual and unique attention to. The creator has given you a certain shape, a certain being. You are very special, unique and original, not a copy and certainly you are his creation and existence.

How about yourself? Do you like your existence? It is an obvious fact that we do not lover ourselves, we condemn ourselves. We do not think ourselves have any worth.

Accepting yourself is acceptance of the creator. Lover and respect yourself and you will be giving the respect to your creator. You are the visible proof that God is; the creation is visible proof that the creator is; the beauty you possess is visible that the creator only creates uniqueness.

Ultimate Orgasm Of Life; Death – The Joy Of Death

The Joy of Death in Yogi’s, Sufi’s, saints and Eastern World, we have a different outlook, death is an occasion to celebrate not for sorrow. It give you rest and peace. You are your body have become tired, you have enjoyed the experiences and now its is the time to go into darkness, rest for a while and then you can be born again. Death will revive you again n a new and fresh way.

There is no need to be afraid, die consciously. If you become panicky you will no experience the natural experience of death. Don’t think of death as illness, disease and suffering. Illness and disease happens only when you are not natural, because it indicates that something is going wrong in you nature. You may be surprised to know that in China there has been a traditional concept (ancient tradition) that when a person falls ill, they stop paying the doctor. The doctor must keep you health naturally. In India, tuberculosis is the royal disease. It only happen to kings, rulers, maharajah’s etc. A great degree of constant tension is required for lots of diseases to happen, even cancer.

Death is wonderful – it is like a flower – and ultimate flower that blooms at the last moment. It is the peak. It is the ultimate orgasm. The word “death” is a great misnomer for there is no death: when you are tired of like, you simply take off the overcoat of flesh and go back to the astral world. Soul lives in the astral body without the consciousness of the physical body.

You are born as a nobody and you will dies as a nobody. In between you birth and death you deceive yourself that you are this and you are that. The whole society is of the same kind of people, – they are together in the same conspiracy. We are all deceiving each other and we want to be deceived. The darkness of nobody is not death, it is authentic life. It is how you were born, without home, without caste, without religion or country. They are all man made –unnatural. When someone dies, in every society of this world, it is customary, not talk anything bad about the dead person. It is not a cultural standpoint, but it is out of fear. It arose in the past when people thought that a dead person was going to become a ghost.

The Joy of Death

The spiritual scientists of the east analyzed death as a withdrawal of energy. Energy cannot die, neither created, it transforms, Some enlightened and wise people can tell when they will leave the physical body approximately nine months ahead of time which coincides with the time of pregnancy to come into this life. In the last four months they can feel that their eyes are loose enough to see their complete nose and their aura is becoming very weak. In the east you hear and experience many of these real life stories. Usually, these people enjoy every moment of the process of death.

Ever Socrates was learning form his own death. When he was given the poison, his disciples start crying. He told his disciples to let him learn and experience death. Socrates remained alert, aware, awake to the very last moment and he kept on sharing his experiences. He was enjoying, learning and teaching about death.