Out of Body Experiences

Out-of-body is a very common phenomena in Eastern culture. There are hundreds of ways to create this. They do yoga, mediation, fasting, etc. Just to realize that they are not only physical body. Once it is experienced then you live in the body again but the vision has changed, the perspective is different.
No need to be scarred of afraid. Never stick to past experiences and always remain open and ready to experiences you have never had before. Who knows, even though it may prove useless, it will be an experience for you.

It is the basic scientific attitude; if you can decide that something is false, you are coming close to the truth. Truth is not available in supermarkets so you can go directly and order it, it is not readily made available, you have to experience it.

Out of body Experience

If it is the first time you are having out-of-body experience, you are moving out of your body. It is wonderful, but very frightening. One feels disconnected because you are so much identified with the body and when you are hovering beyond the body, you naturally feel disconnected. The body feels so foreign, so alien, as if it is somebody else’s body. This is the most valuable experience on the way, hover around the body, remain away.

Soon the connection will happen, you will feel you are entering into another body. It will be a very new feeling, everything becomes alive. Man is not the body, he only thinks e is the body. Once you experience out-of-body, your thinking is disrupted. Now you will have to learn a new way to be in the body without being the body; the body will be a house and you will be just a resident. The Western world cannot understand it yet.

Remain available to strange experiences in life, and don’t try to deny the strange experience, because that is how many people go on gaining tremendous opportunities. This existence is yours. This existence is very friendly and there will be immense mysteries waiting for you. To known, to be experienced.

Hypnosis – “Helping a Friend Into Hypnosis”

Hypnos is a greek word which stands for the God of sleep, which is felt to be responsible for the dreams in which etheric world entities come to the sleeper with guidance. Hypnosis represent the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness that one also reaches during sleep; it is a deliberate technique process of passion which puts the subconscious mind in control of the person, with a heightened sense of response to suggestions and an acute awareness of psychic senses; usually, the physical body is very calm and in a deep state of relaxation.
There are different types of hypnosis, but for this article purpose, we will divide it in two parts:

(a) Self Hypnosis

It can be applied in three different ways, firstly, by self-hypnotherapy; secondly, emotional, most important; and thirdly, spontaneous self-hypnosis.

(b) Guided Hypnosis

It can be divided in six ways:

1. On the spot
2. Ethereal (distant)
3. Mass
4. Heterohypnotherapy
5. Stage
6. Medical

Hypnosis have three different degree, firth lethargic (light state); second, cataleptic (medium) and third, somnambulistic (deep state).

To experience or to help a friend into, sit on a straight chair with both feet on the ground, hands on the thigh in the mudra, with spine straight. Simply view and focus on a spot in front of you. Just being still, yours eyes will naturally want to close pretty soon. Imagine that your eyelids are made of lead and that they are very very heavy. As you imagine all this, deliberately relax your body as much as it comes naturally. Now extend your arms whiles yours eyes are quivering, keep your eyes closed. Imagine a sand pail hanging on your right wrist. Sand is poured in gradually. At the same time, a large blue balloon is tied by a string around your left wrist and lifting it us, pulling it higher and higher, it may appear to be strange, one- hand pulling on down. When your right hand is all the way down o your lap, it will be completely relaxed. Then the string on the other hand will be untied and your left arm will drift down and relax. As you are getting relaxed you will go deeper and deeper into hypnotic state. Waves of relaxation are spreading over you. Now speak to your fiend or play a tape for relaxing, resting, quiet, floating, and being peaceful. You will become very responsive to suggestions. Now you have access to the inner world.

Once you are in the hypnotic state, you can always come out whenever you want to be simply counting back from five to one and saying wide awake. And, of course, you will only go into a hypnotic state, when choose to do so. OK, you will remember everything you have experienced and feel comfortable for better understanding of yourself.

Your Future

The absolute mind with no ides of what will happen next day, but remain aware and alert, watchful that whatsoever will happen that you would live in it in absolute. It is a million times better to live single moment of absoluteness than living 100 years of falsehood, pretending, actin and just hoping that something could happen tomorrow which could bring happiness forever. But tomorrow never comes, that which always comes is today, the moment of present.
So we must learn the art of living in the present, without any past or future. God only knows the present and if we realize the present then and only then could we realize blissfulness.

Usually we are planning everything in terms of the future. Past creates the future. You enjoyed a beautiful moment. Now it has become a memory in you. You would like to repat it. You live in moments of hell, you would not like to repeat it. That is the future so your past is deciding your future and your future. is modified or perfect past perhaps something new added, few others dropped but nothing really new. It cannot be brand new because it is a modified reflection of the past. You can only think what you know. Knowing cannot enter into unknown, so knowing becomes confined known only. So whatever you are aware of life, that will decide what you will like to be in the future.

So you are moving in circles. It is actually a repetition of the past so you cannot really grow. That is how most people are going. That is why we miss bliss of life because we are not be thought about.

A conscious free form the past and future is freedom which knows love and bliss. It is very simple and spontaneous. That is the lifestyle of great yogis, Sufis, and Saints.

We live in the moments of present, because each and every moment is a gift from God, enjoy it and celebrate it, now.

Deja Vu Entendu

Deja, deja vu and deja entendu are all french words meaning the feeling of familiarity. It is an experience when one feels that the present moment in all its exact detail, has been lived before. Deja entendu is the feeling that what is now being heard for the first time, has been heard before. According to the modern sciences it is a momentary alternation of consciousness, caused by a minor seizure of the temporal lobe in the brain.

Deja vu in itself is a truth, because no one is here for the first time; existence moves in a cycle, not horizontally or vertically. All that you have experienced and are experiencing now, you have experienced many times before; it cannot be new. It is like a rotating wheel of days and night. It is so approximately alike that it is very difficult to make a distinction — hence, deja vu. You again witness the clouds floating in the sky and the sun and the flowers and the bees. The sun has come again with all its warmth … and you have experienced these sunny days many many times before. So somewhere deep in your unconscious you are carrying all the memorise of all the past lives. It is very possible that again and again you will come to situations which are alike and suddenly you feel as if it has happened before.

Deja vu happens to everybody but how strong it could be, varies on the strength, on what type of barrier exists between this life and the past lives. If it is a Mount Everest barrier, very high, it can be very difficult to cross over. And if they cross, they are not very clear.

It can be very scary or weird because when you go into it, you can start feeling as if you are in a dream. You can start feeling as if you are living in a fantasy, not reality. … As it those event or voices around here are not there; may be it is just a memory, it can be scary too, it be frightening too; but it all depends upon your interpretation and understanding of it.


Cycles is the science of bio-rhythm well known and respected and practiced in the Yoga and Sufi’s training. In Ancient days, Yogis were the ones who used to make such charts. These charts are very helpful because if you know when your positive mood comes, then that is the time to relate and do other things which need to be done right.
The human mind functions in a cycle. There are three cycles in human. First being physical, second emotional and third is intellectual. When all the three are in positive peaks of joy then ecstasy happens. When all three are negative, one experiences hell and to be free from both, is absolute freedom.

The first cycle being physical affects, physical factors including resistance to disease, co- ordination, physical strength and all other basic body functions and well-being. Physically, it take twenty-three days to complete.

Being emotional, the second cycle, it governs creativity, sensitivity, mental stamina, mood, perception of ourself and others. It takes twenty eight days. It follows the moon. Just as it happens to feminine body for menstruation to come. Even man has a kind of this cycle period. Man’s period is not visible, neither physical, it is psychological, more emotional, but it happens and now scientists are becoming more aware of it.

The third cycle is the cycle of intelligence. Making memories, alertness, awareness, awaken logical and analytical actions. This cycle takes places over a thirty three day period. The first half of this period is positive and the second half is negative.

But life is based on seven year cycles. We change every seven years and most changes happen between the end and the beginning. A child at the age of seven learns cleverness and deceptions. At fourteen “sex” arise and interest in opposite sex begins. At the age of twenty-one, power, ego, ambition to become settle, security, camaraderie … etc.

Once you are aware of your cycles, you could be in control, aware and altered being.