Chakra is a Sanskrit word that denotes circular movements or the moving wheel, not the centre because centre means static. So Chakras are dynamic which create an energy field around it. It is like a cyclone of consciousness and is an etheric counterpart if an important nerve centre or gland, the human being has been created as a pattern of energy flows, flowing through the spine, body, limbs. These are the points of psychic energy at which the physical and astral body connect. In developing your psychic awareness, it is important to know and balance the energies of these chakras.
First chakra is located in the Anus, and when the energy is at the first chakra level, the person is concerned with basic questions of security and survival. This is the platform of self and self reverse or survival and self destruction. It also holds subconscious patterns. Being the seat of Kundalini, it is also root of all growth and awareness of the divinity of man.

Second chakra is located in sex organs, sexuality, sensuality creativity and in the arena of projection and withdrawal. It gives you a certain integration, that is why there is so much hankering for sex. It is not a place to make your abode, it is not a place to stop forever, and the bliss that is waiting for you on the higher integrations of other centres will be missed. And in comparison to that bliss, happiness and joy, the beauty of sex is nothing, it only gives you the momentary glimpse.

At the third chakra level, located at the naval point, energy focuses on identity, power, judgement, positive, negative and neutral views of life. Here the positive and negative meet, positive and negative and neutral views of life. Here the positive and negative meet, positive and negative electricity, their meeting is higher than life and death, because the electric energy PRANA the bioplasm or bio-energy, is deeper than life and death. It exists before life and after death. This meeting of bio-energy at the naval NABHI gives you even a higher experience of being one, integrated, a unity.

Fourth chakra is the heart centre full of kindness and compassion. At this centre the PRAKRITI and PURUSHA the sexual and spiritual, worldly and other worldly meetings of heavens and earth. It gives you the highest and the most refined experience ordinarily available -the experience of LOVE.

The fifth chakra is in the throat, where you experience another integration ,more subtle and more superior, centre of giving and receiving. A newly born child receives from throat centre. First life enters into him. He receives but cannot give. His love is passive. And if you ask for love, then you remain juvenile, you remain childish. Unless you mature, that you can love, you have become a grown up.

The sixth chakras at the brow is called third eye. We master our own minds and pierce the veil of illusion. Our awareness here is focus itself. When this chakra is in balance, we have meditative mind, the ability to know the unknown.

The seventh chakra is located at the top of the head, and here one experiences the infinity of self, the arena of elevation and command. When balance there is no activity of mind and no knowledge, nothing to be known, knowledge, knower, and known become unified and liberated. The Yogi becomes realized, one with the cosmic principles that govern the entire universe within the body, this is seat of self-luminescent soul or essence of being.

Eighth chakra is located in the AURA, the magnetic field generated by a human being that surrounds up to nine feet in every direction. The quality of aura reveals the personality in the projection of power or the depression of defeat.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye is a region of the head that psychic information and dream stuff uses as a mechanism to alert conscious mind it is there it be perceived, It consists of the pineal gland.

There are two physical eyes, we all can see. There is not a third eye physiologically in your body, it is a metaphor. When you look into existence with absolute undivided consciousness, then you are one. When Jesus said to his disciples, “If your become of one eye, then you will know my Kingdom of God. If you attain one eye, then all bliss be yours and all benediction”. He is talking about third eye.

Two points must be understood; First, being energy of the third eye us really same as two physical eyes. The third eye is non-functioning, it cannot see unless physical eyes become unseeing. The same energy must move into third eye. It needs energy to function, and same energy has to be redirected.

Secondly, when you are seeing through physical eyes, you are seeing through physical body. Third eye is not part of physical body; but subtle body (suksham sharir). That’s why physiology cannot believe that there is an existence of third eye.

With third eye functioning, you can enter a different dimension. With third eye you can see things which are invisible to the physical eye but visible to the subtle eye. With third eye functioning, you look at a person, you look at the person’s soul, at the spirit, not at physical body through physical eyes, but you cannot see the soul.

The movement through third eye transforms into a new world, a subtle world. You start seeing things you have never seen.

The third eye is the conscience, the two physical eyes see the past and present, while the third eye reveals the insight of the future.

Fuse Confusion – When You Don’t Know What to Do

Fuse Confusion Consciously or unconsciously we are all seeking peace of mind and constantly searching for happiness. It is very simple, but very powerful, if done correctly. It coordinates both areas of the brain, gives you powerful insight, and coordinates the mystery of spiritual phenomena into the mastery of the three bodies (physical, mental, and spiritual). Though it looks simple, it solves many complications.

Sit straight and cross-legged. Relax the arms down by the sides of the body. Bend the elbows and raise the hands up until they meet at chest level. Extend and join the fingers of each hand in a calm and relaxed way. Cross the hands with both palms facing the chest. One palm resting in the other with thumbs crossed. The fingers pointing up at a comfortable level.

Look at the third eye, then bring the eyes to the tip of the nose. Inhale through the nose. Now, inhale through the mouth and exhale through the mouth. Next inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Finally, inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

Continue this sequence. All breaths should be deep, complete, and powerful. When breathing through the mouth, purse the lips as if almost to whistle.

Start practicing for five minutes and gradually increase the time to twenty minutes.

Superstitions & Omens

Superstitions & Omens actual meaning is “the blind use of a form whose significance has been forgotten” and omen is “a rare or extraordinary event or physical activity using a non-human agency to prognosticate an emotional event; event is impossible under the known laws of physics; occurs as a signal of an opportunity to be seized, a danger to be avoided, or news of an emotional even to happen to oneself; a token indication given for the one where it happens; executed by an etheric world guide, a nature spirit, a deceased close friend, the universal mind or the subconscious mind; a flower growing out of a season; a picture falling off the wall when the person in another locale dies…
Following are the most common interpretation of itching on the human body:

  • Right Foot – A profitable travel, windfall
  • Left Foot – Loosing money on the road
  • Shins – An unpleasant surprise
  • Right Knee – Good news
  • Left Knee – Rumors about you
  • Thighs – A move
  • Abdomen – An invitation for part / feast
  • Right Palm / Ankle – Expect money
  • Left Palm / Ankle – Bills to pay / wasted money
  • Right Elbow – Good news, connection
  • Left Elbow – Bad news, enemies
  • Right Shoulder – An inheritance, good fortune
  • Left Shoulder – Unhappiness, unpleasant responsibility, loan, etc.
  • Back – Disappointment, turned down / off
  • Neck – Sickness / burn out
  • Mouth – Insult
  • Outside Nose – Crossed, vexed, kissed by a fool
  • Inside Nose – Grief
  • Right Eye – A pleasant meeting
  • Left Eye – Disappointments
  • Right Cheek / Ear – Derogatory remarks
  • Left Cheek / Ear – Complimentary / supplement
  • Top of Head – Good luck


Fortune in various “RAJ YOGAS” Found in the Natal-chart can tell if one becomes rich or Poor, one with Laksumi Yoga or Gajakeshri yogi will be naturaly prosperous rich. Mercury increases Liquid cash; Jupiter rules over all sorts of assets i.e, cash, jewelers, real estate for precious Jewel, Luxuries. Saturn governs land, mines, Antiques; Mars gives land,mines & buildings; the sun for authority, power, name & fame; the moon for liquid cash & wet lands …. beaches … following are general stellar patterns for determines your finances.

One rolls in Money if Saturn occupies either of Jupiter’s signs ie. Sagittarius and pisces; but this may not be the case if saturn occupies the 8th or 12th house from ascent it; one strikes rich if Jupiter is in earlier, sagittarius or pisces.

Mars thought debilitated in cancer and exalted in capricorn, in both gives wealth and fortune.

The sun in sagittarius makes one rich but makes one poor if posted In cancer, capricorn and aquarius.

Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd House give enormous wealth. Jupiter in 2,4,5,9,11 gives huge wealth.

Benefics in 8th indicates legacy sudden winfall gains, lottery.

The 5th House is called Lakshmi Sthasna, benefics here gain wealth, honor.

Many planets oriental (eastern side of the zodiac) make one rich and famous.

Jupiter in the 10th House gives home and fame all through life while saturn in the 10th house gives prosperty for short while.

These above mentioned stellar patterns are simply tentancis, the possibilities; these are not stone carved certainties. One may use them to some extent a guideline or so.