Leo – A Masculine * Positive * Ax * Fire Sign



Leo Characteristic Behavior: Self Assured ** Generous, Pompous

DATES: 23 July – 23 Aug LUCKY NUMBER: One
SYMBOL: The Lion BEST DAY: Sunday
COLOUR: White SEASON: Orange
FLOWER: Sunflower CRYSTAL: Amber, Synstone
TREE: Laurel FORTITUDE: Natural Born Leader
ANIMAL: Lion CHALLENGE: o Take Action


THE GLYPH:Resembles the lion’s tail.

MINERAL:Magnesium: it avoids disorders of the brain and Lungs. It is found in lemons, lettuce, oatmeal, wheat germ and beet leaves.

GEMSTONE: Ruby – considered the vehicle of creative energy, usually purplish red, resembling “pigeons Blood”. Considered the most magical stone, it is believed to be an antidote to poison.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:You’re the fifth sign of the zodiac, regal charismatic, and a natural born leader with dignity and divinity, your fulfillment comes from acknowledgment appreciation, and acceptance from others. You are undoubtedly the proudest of signs and you love being the very best. Your megawatt magnetic power commands respect, and a successful appearance. You are bold courteous, open minded, optimistic, stout hearted, often showing a great strength of character. Leos are loyal, generous, gentile, and affectionate. When you don’t get “the lions share” of appreciation or have to take second place, you intend to behave with arrogance, profligacy, and pompous.

RULING PLANET:The Sun, associated with the heart, fatherhood, and creativity, Leo’s ruler has been worshipped as the source of our being. Traversing the zodiac and spending approximately one moth in each sign, the Sun’s mystical number is one and it gives it’s name to Sunday, the first day of the week. Energizing and fortifying, the Sun is the masculine principle in everyone’s make-up.

RELATIONSHIPS: Warm blooded lions and lionesses are most comfortable with two fire signs. The fiery ram and the frisky archer. Freedom loving Sagittarius could add an extrovert vigor to life with Leo since both have sporting and athletic inclinations. Self assertive Aries regains to Leo’s somewhat splendid sense of self, could ignite a passionate flame and bring a headstrong exuberance to a possible long term lasting relationship.

IF SHE IS LEO:You are a warm hearted affable woman, who attracts many admirers. Generosity, affection and your attitude appeals to most men. But you need to share together being in the limelight.

IF HE IS LEO:Fulfill his desires and dreams about affection, sensuality, and acceptance. He can be a real pussycat instead of a rampaging lion. On the flip side he can be a royal pain in the rear end, a real tyrant.

UNDESIRABLE LEO:This domineering despot is selfish, stubborn and seeks to remain in the limelight.

CAREERS:The Sun supreme creative force brings to Leo creativity, a love of drama, pomp and pageantry. Far from the sky you possess a knack of attraction, and attention since you have high aspirations you could be an actor, producer, impressionist, dramatist, politician, musician, or a shrewd businessperson.

HEALTH:Your physical health tends to be strong, but you must protect your heart and spine from stress. Avoid fattening foods. For sensible precaution keep track of your cholesterol and blood pressure.


Aries -Rip Roar Passion
-Scorching Clashes
-Long Term
Taurus -Steamy Romance
-Tug of War
Gemini -Sparkling Romance
-Stop it Now/td>
Cancer -Fun at First
Leo -Lusty Intimacy
-Power Struggle
Virgo -Sweeping Romance
Libra -Hot To Trot
-Good Contender
Scorpio -Explosive Intimacy
-Power & Jealousy
-Could Cost You
Sagittarius -Soulmates
-Passion & Fun
Capricorn -Exciting Romance
-Could Lead…
Aquarius -Brilliant Lovers
-Fulfilling at Times
-Boom to Bust
Pisces -Sublimely Sensual
-Playful Pampering
-Just Friends

Cancer – A Feminine * Negative * Cardinal * Water Sign



Cancer Characteristic Behavior: Sympathetic, Sensitive ** Manipulative, Touchy

DATES: 22 June – 23 July LUCKY NUMBER: Two
SYMBOL: The Crab BEST DAY: Monday
COLOUR: White SEASON: Summer
METAL: Silverr
FLOWER: White Lilly CRYSTAL: Malachite, Moonstone
TREE: All in Sap FORTITUDE: Devoted to Home
ANIMAL: Crab CHALLENGE: o Take Action


THE GLYPH:Resembles the claws of a crab.

MINERAL: Calcium – Which can prevent problems with the eyes, stomach, and skin. It is found in oranges, lemons, grapes, plums, and cabbage.

GEMSTONE: Moonstone & Pearl are traditionally associated with the moon.

PERSONALITY TRAITS:The fourth sign of the zodiac requires emotional security maternal, nurturing instincts. Thrifty and methodical, Cancerians are natural “collectors” and show great tenacity and perseverance. Setting and achieving goals with strong determination devoted to their home and family, they are affectionate, kind, loyal, and humorous. They intend to cling to failing relationships where others would abandon them. Due to the fluctuating phase of their ruling planet, Cancerians can become exaggerated with hypersensitivity, sentimentalism, and self pity.

RULING PLANET: The Moon, is the motherhood incarnate, as the sun symbolizes the father. Worshipped as a goddess and enchantress, her phases were sighted as: New moo, the white goddess of birth and growth, at full moon the red goddess of love, passion and war. When old she was the black goddess of divination and death. The moons ever-changing phases are echoed by tides and in human life by feminine rhythms.

RELATIONSHIPS: Cautious, calculating, intensely emotional Scorpio could be a perfect match for Cancer’s commitment to the home and family, and the ideal parent. Mystic Pisces may very well be content with a kind, sympathetic, sensitive, warm, and romantic Canercian.

IF SHE IS CANCER:Being the daughter of the moon, stay away from air signs like Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Your love style is gentile but possessive which can scare off a good potential partner.

IF HE IS CANCER: Most importantly, this man can get hurt, sometimes over nothing. He needs lots of reassurances and is extremely emotional. He also can be jealous and pouty.

UNDESIRABLE GEMINI: Possesses the uncanny ability to make you feel guilty. Cancer can be moody, jealous, manipulative, and resentful.

CAREERS: Resilient and tenacity are the key traits. Crabs like to snatch anything they want for keeps. The most appealing careers could be, caretaker, hotel manager, teacher, social worker or a sailor.

HEALTH: Fluid retention, the digestive system, and liver can be problematic but proper exercise and diet can counter balance this.



Aries -Wicked Romance
-Restless Desires
-Too Busy
Taurus -Giggly Romance
-Quivering Coerces
-Strong Contender
Gemini -Dazzling
-Short Term
-Leave it Alone
Cancer -Tender Pairing
-Perfect Playmate
Leo -Explode In Passion
-Lusty Horizon
-Quick Yes
Virgo -Love Light Ablaze
Libra -Pure Pleasure
Scorpio -Perfect Romantic
-Yours Alone
Sagittarius -Explosive Passion
-Short Lived
-Don’t Know If
Capricorn -Easy to Heat Up
-Don’t Have Time
Aquarius -Sparkling Romance
-Lots Laughs
-Waft Away
Pisces -Scorching Passion
-Awesome Rapport
-Long Haul

Gemini – A Masculine * Positive * Mutable * Air Sign



Gemini Characteristic Behavior: Adaptable, Communicative ** Scheming, Gossipy

DATES: 22 May – 21 June LUCKY NUMBER: Nine
SYMBOL: Twins BEST DAY: Wednesday
COLOUR: Yellow SEASON: Spring
METAL: Copper
FLOWER: Lavender CRYSTAL: Elanor Quartz, Citrine
TREE: Hazel FORTITUDE: Intelligence
ANIMAL: Parrots and Butterflies CHALLENGE: Master of one thing at a time



THE GLYPH: Represents the roman numeral for two, signifying dualism and personality.

Avoid: Over indulgence causing stomach problems.

MINERAL: Potassium – Which prevents migraines, headaches, and nervous breakdowns. It can be found in celery, lemons, beetroots, and tomatoes.

GEMSTONE: Agate: a coloured opaque relation of chalcedony used as a talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune.

The third sign of the zodiac is ruled by Mercury, or of intelligence. Inquisitive intelligence, restless and adaptable. “The Twins” express the duality of living and of Gemini. Subjects are skilled at the coordination of the mind and hands. Light hearted and flirtatious, they are lively in conversation and debate, understandable. The humble chattering monkey is one of the symbols of the sign. Always attracted to new interests and ideas, Gemini may well go from job to job, touch on each superficial way and abandon.

RULING PLANET: V Mercury, known as the god of intelligence it is also associated with a “silver tongue” or eloquence and this is seen in the sign Gemini, who is admired for quickness of wit and eloquence. It also brings good luck and free will. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.


Distance from the Sun: 57,924,000 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 88 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 59 Days
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 48 Km per second
Diameter: 4878 Kilometers


RELATIONSHIPS: Gemini’s roving eyes and flirtations tend to have more than one significant relationship in their lives. The most compatible are the fellow air signs of Libra and Aquarius. Libra would bring balance and hesitancy; Aquarius would bring reasoning and social awareness.

IF SHE IS GEMINI: Dualistic nature, curiosity personified, always wants to know, intellectually stimulating, opinion oriented, and can confuse relationships.

IF HE IS GEMINI: Versatile, witty, intelligent, logical, and open minded. Loves examining ideas, thoughts, and opinions for hours….can talk at great lengths.

UNDESIRABLE GEMINI: Can be devious and deceptive at will. Historically, all the world’s great con artists were Geminis, because they are the masters of persuasion. Making a long-term commitment is generally poor. They are fretful, superficial, and impotent.

CAREERS: Occupations which allow imaginations, communication and self expression. Being adaptable armed with persuasion, you could sell camels to Siberians. Hyperactive and restless as a willow in a windstorm, you like to change your jobs more often than normal. You will find success being and actor, writer, messenger, translator, or jack of all trades.

HEALTH: Even though Gemini keeps a youthful appearance, they intend to suffer repository and nervous disorders in the hands, arms and lungs. Avoid exhaustion and proper relaxation could counter balance a lot of health related issues.



Aries -Luscious Love
-No Holds Barred
-A First
Taurus -Passion Soars
-Watch Out
Gemini -Thrilling
-Incredibly Complex
-Take it Slow
Cancer -Kiss & Run
-Casual Affair
-Take a Hike
Leo -Roller Coaster
-Hotly Ending
-Fiercely Jealous
Virgo -Tender Passion
-Nagging & Overspending
Libra -Hot Fun
-Steamy Romance
Scorpio -Spicy When Hot
-Approach Gingerly
Sagittarius -A Magical Sizzle
-Well Worth Waiting
Capricorn -Spicy Romance
Aquarius -Rollicking Romance
Pisces -Lusty Deeds
-Not Enough

Taurus – A Feminine * Negative * Fixed * Earth Sign



Taurus Characteristics Behavior: Loyal, Stable ** Possessive, Stubborn

DATES: 21 Apr. – 21 May LUCKY NUMBER: Six
SYMBOL: The Bull BEST DAY: Friday
METAL: Copper SEASON: Spring
FLOWER: Narcissus CRYSTAL: Lapis Lazyli, Rose Quartz
TREE: Fig FORTITUDE: Charm of Seduction
ANIMAL: Bull CHALLENGE: Secure Your World



THE GLYPH: Resembles the horns and the head of the bull – A Rodeo Bull

Avoid: Over indulgence causing stomach problems.

MINERAL: Sodium – Which maintains water balance in your body and prevents swelling, water retention, and diarrhea. It is found In spinach, celery, apples, radishes, lemons and strawberries.

GEMSTONE: Emerald, the rich green emerald which enjoys a fascinating history was said to be a link with the divine forces and the eye. It is effective in relieving stress, high blood pressure and headaches.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: The heavenly bull, second sign of the zodiac, is practically down to earth. Nature loving with great desire for warm and secure relationships. The favorable and warming influence of Venus, the goddess of love, brings a compashionable warmth to this sign bestowing upon it a love of arts, food and wine. Dedicated bons vivants and lovers of luxury Taureans make charming speakers and excellent hosts.

RULING PLANET: Venus: the goddess of love and beauty, signifies beauty, sensuality, love of art, food and wine, warmth and affection. Venus brings a love of luxuries and possessions of beautiful things. Venus governs the period of adolescence when a person begins to attract and becomes attracted to. Venus our closest neighbor is also the ruler of Libra.


Distance from the Sun: 108,124,800 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 225 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 243 Days
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 35 Km per second
Diameter: 12,098 Kilometers


RELATIONSHIPS: Taurans the most sensual sign in the zodiac, incompatible with Virgo and Capricorn. Protective and patient Taurans make caring partners, but always need kindly restrictions by their partners.

IF SHE IS TAURUS: YYou can be as sensuous as blazes with the right man, being earthy, romantic, you want stability.

IF HE IS TAURUS: Cautious Taurus, sensible, reliable, usually enjoys monogamy. A strong sense of touch and taste. They are intimately content, and make the best partners. For the worst he could be the worlds most stubborn amphibian.

UNDESIRABLE TAURUS: Stubborn Taurans like to go off on their own tangents of sensuality, making it often very casual connections. They tend to become lazy, dependent on others, and very possessive.

CAREERS: Methodical and practical minded Taurans excel at all aspects relating to each related professions. They can easily influence the psyche of other people since they also posses the charisma and knack of speech. The best professions include, Acquisitions, Management of Land and money, musician, stockbroker, dentist, realtor, etc.

HEALTH: Luxury loving Taureans must maintain a light exercise as a daily regime. Taureans tend to suffer from throat and thyroid gland problems and obesity.


Aries -Luscious Love
-No Holds Barred
-A First
Taurus -Passion Soars
-Watch Out
Gemini -Thrilling
-Incredibly Complex
-Take it Slow
Cancer -Kiss & Run
-Casual Affair
-Take a Hike
Leo -Roller Coaster
-Hotly Ending
-Fiercely Jealous
Virgo -Tender Passion
-Nagging & Overspending
Libra -Hot Fun
-Steamy Romance
Scorpio -Spicy When Hot
-Approach Gingerly
Sagittarius -A Magical Sizzle
-Well Worth Waiting
Capricorn -Spicy Romance
Aquarius -Rollicking Romance
Pisces -Lusty Deeds
-Not Enough

Aries – A Masculine * Positive * Cardinal * Fire Sign



Aries Characteristic Behavior: Independent, Dynamic ** Arrogant, Hasty

DATES: 21 Mar – 20 Apr. LUCKY NUMBER: Nine
METAL: Zinc SEASON: Winter
FLOWER: Iris CRYSTAL: Rhobonite, Purple garnet
TREE: Weeping Willow FORTITUDE: Deeply Intuitive
ANIMAL: Sea Mammals & All Fish CHALLENGE: Living Truthfully

PREFERRED SAYING: “I am the most…”

THE GLYPH: The horn of the Ram. The “butting” action in which the Ram chases “head fist” typical.

Avoid: The flare of fiery anger.

MINERAL: Potassium – Which prevents migraines, headaches, and nervous breakdowns. It can be found in celery, lemons, beetroots, and tomatoes.

GEMSTONE: Diamond has been a token of love, it’s purity and durability symbolize the qualities that true love is. It remains the most coveted and desirable of all known jewels.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: The first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the sun’s journey, the awesome raw, primitive energy of explorer, initiates new ideas and passion. Being assertive with a strong will can be rebellious. Arians “think on their feet” and react well under stress and in confrontations. The egocentric Aries can be impudent, boastful, and impulsive.

RULING PLANET: Mars: Roman god of war is seen as a vital, strong, masculine force equipped with a spear, shield, and plumed helmet. It also represents physical power, passion, and giving strong sensual feelings. Mars, roman god of wars and agriculture is blood red and was in love with Venus.


Distance from the Sun: 227,995,300 Kilometers
Time to Orbit the Sun: 687 Days
Approx. Length of Day: 25 Hours
Approx. Speed of Orbit: 24 Km per second
Diameter: 49,491 Kilometers

RELATIONSHIPS: Arians are most compatible with Leo and Sagittarius. Arians are ardent, can make possessive, jealous, partners who require crystal clear understanding. Leo could harness and stabilize with warm hearted for impulsive Aries. Both have forceful sensuality associated with the fire sign. Sagittarius could bring bonhomie, optimism and intellectual with Aries who should be fully prepared to allow freedom loving.

IF SHE IS ARIES: You’re hot as a firecracker, assertive and adventurous. Variety and change can be replaced with creativity, otherwise you could be on a roller coaster ride.

IF HE IS ARES: Physically attuned, sweet, and kind to fulfill your innermost desires. Big spender, could be a non reformer.

UNDESIRABLE ARIES: Pushy, aggressive Aries tries to rush off against the wishes of others want their way. It may sound crude, but many a Ram allows their genitals to control them. They are reckless, arrogant, impatient, and domineering.

CAREERS: Which represents a lot of challenge will appeal the most where high energy and initiation. Also given the incisive Arian is a writer or satire, self employed, entrepreneur, architect, athlete, dentist, carpenter, executive..

HEALTH: An Arians complaints can be brain fever due to stress, overwork, neurological and eye trouble. Arians should guard against conditions associated with the brain, jaws, face, and carterial arteries.


Aries -Passionate
Taurus -Thrill
-Don’t Rush
Gemini -Magical
-Reckless Romance
Cancer -Restless
-Secret & Steamy
Leo -Soulmate
Virgo -Careful
-Slow (Step by Step)
Libra -Springy
-Slow Love
-Slow Romance
Scorpio -Hot To Trot
-No Fun
Sagittarius -Quixotic
-Can Work
Capricorn -Reckless
-Arouse Passion
-Passion Burnout
Aquarius -Hard To Read Heart Throb
-Lies Can Kill
Pisces -Illusionary
-Toss Back
-Fantasy World